NEW Paris Hilton music video!

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  1. It's bad yet I love it. :O
  2. Its not too bad. I've seen worse.
  3. I think the message is happy, but I think the video was stupid. I did love her glasses, though, in some scenes. Does anyone know who makes them? They looked Prada to me.
  4. its funny!!!! LOL

    its just a bit weird that she moves too flaccidly all the time... like a restless worm.. i think her choreographer should tell her to lessen the flaccidity...
  5. it was cute, small guy gets the girl in the end! :girlsigh:
  6. its inspired by that elisha cuthbert (sp?) movie "girl next door"
  7. The concept was cute but It's Paris so.. :Push:
  8. yeah that what i thought it seems a bit like the girl next dor, even he look like the guy from that, i think this song is better than stars are blind, but shes is not a singer, Paris do what god intended you to do sleep around!
  9. lol I think it's pretty funny..pretty cool concept :P
  10. It's cute :P

    I loved her black and white shoes :love: Anyone know what brand they could be? I want 'em :nuts:
  11. great for the little boy.....
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