New " Paris Bombay" !!

  1. Hi everyone

    My friend told me that she bought a new hermes bag " Paris Bombay high 37cm" , she said its so diffrenet than the normal Paris bombay .

    I searched all over the forum but couldn't find any pics ...

    Can you pls post pics of the bag the new paris bombay....

  2. I have seen it in person. It's kind of Birkn-sized but squishier. The one I saw was poussiere (?spelling) clemence. Think of a Paris-Bombay but taller...more like a doctor's bag, not as elongated as the normal P-B...
    Sorry I don't have photos...
  3. It's just as Pepper described. I don't have pics either but I tried it on the other day and it's wonderful. One of the other changes I like that they've made is the move to Clemence as a leather. The interior is still that gorgeous vache vegetale, but the bag overall is softer and easier to carry on the shoulder and against the body. AND it's available in all the colors clemence comes in!!!
  4. I can't wait to see a pic!!
  5. ^ Nice !!!!!!!!!
  6. Seems like clemence is being used more and more...
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. [​IMG]
    Pic credit - Sina/Clinkenwar
  9. clickenwar- thanks for the link, there's new lindy 45 too!
    paris bombay 37.jpg
  10. Cute bag! :smile:
  11. For some reason I'm not really liking this new style. :shrugs:

    Maybe i should check it out at the store before i rule out this bag. (I'm always finding excuses to visit Hermes :blush:)
  12. I think it's cute! Nice color, too.
  13. love it!!!!
  14. It looks really functional. Nice.