New Paris Bombay size for those who love this bag

  1. I was at the store yesterday and was getting a perfume set(present for my brother) and had a chat with my SA.
    There were quite a few new bags that they have gotten.
    I have posted on another thrread that they had a beatiful 30cm balck croc birkin matte and it is certainly a beauty. I had the hardest time letting her go.
    I also got to see the Yeoh Bag. This is an interesting bag. Almost like the Herbag but a lot easier to change the bags because it uses zippers. Comes with two bags, a small clutch and a good size everyday bag. The smaller one is suede and the larger one is canvas.
    A very nice 32 cm Kelly in clemence rouge Vif with PH and a 28cm vache liegee sellier in gold with PH.
    And then she whispered to me if I would like to see a Paris bomabay in the new 35cm and I of course said yes.
    We had to go in the back because this bag is not shown to everybody as it is for the coming World festival that would be held in Nov.5 but she said that if I wanted it I could have it.
    It is a very beautiful bag and is bicolor Blue Jean and white in the 35cm.
    She said that this was a special order by the manager.
    The handles and pipping and interior are white and the main body of the bag is Blue Jean.
    There was another one that is in orange and cognac.
    Both truly beautiful. I am not a paris bombay type of person but these I liked.
  2. wow, would have LOVED to see those, you lucky lady you
  3. I'm very eager to see this new size - and lucky you to see the special PBs!
  4. :yes: Would love to see this one. The small is too small on me and the big is too big. Here's hoping this one will be just right. :shame:
  5. That sounds neat! I actually was thinking I might like the smaller PB bag for nights since I just sold a black bag....perhaps the hunt shall begin!
  6. Can I ask which store this was?? You said matte croc.......I must call....:flowers:
  7. oh i bet both PB bags are gorgeous! i better call our store and see if they have this size........
  8. gmel- the Ala Moana Store in Honolulu.

    crochetbella-yes this is the in between size and it is the perfect size.
  9. Did you get a price for the new size PB?
  10. It is $4,000.
  11. oh wow, that's not bad at all (comparing to a Kelly/Birkin). Thanks!
  12. That's exactly what I said.
  13. i am scared to see..because I know it's going to be perfect. :drool:
  14. I am looking forward to seeing the new PB...calling my H-Anon sponsors...
  15. Can I ask???? What then are the measurements for the new Paris Bombay?