New Paris Biarritz Collection

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America received the new Paris Biarritz collection today. These are great Spring/Summer bags that are lightweight and relatively inexpensive for CHANEL. The colors include silver, gold, and black. The prices range from $995-$1475.

    Here are some pictures of the three different styles and colors.
    Paris Biarritz.JPG Paris Biarritz2.JPG Paris Biarritz3.JPG
  2. I like the grey style. What are the prices? Are they made of leather? Thanks for the pictures.
  3. I like them.
  4. The small tote retails for $995. The shoulder bag retails for $1350 and the large tote retails for $1475. The bags are a combination of leather and canvas. The pictures don't really do the colors justice. The gold one in particular has a very nice metallic shine to it. My favorite is the silver with cream canvas. VERY attractive bag.
  5. Thanks for posting these great pics.
  6. No problem, its always nice to see what the bags look like in color...the CHANEL catalogs don't do the bags justice.
  7. Here are more pictures of this collection that some of you requested.
    paris3.JPG paris1.JPG
  8. How much is the second bag?
  9. Wow I really like this one:

  10. This is a great ligne for summer. Looks even better in person than in the pics.

  11. Its only $995!
  12. ^ROFL...."ONLY"......

    Joking..That IS a steal for a great Chanel bag..Im still considering whether to get one from this line.....
    I got my name on too many lists for other bags..hehe
  13. Yea, I obviously meant in comparison to most CHANEL handbags. $995 is still a large amount of
  14. I'm in Hong Kong for vacation now and saw this bag at the newly renovated Chanel Boutique and want one!

    I have been looking for a rain bag for the longest time- I don't want to ruin my leather...I'm going to buy this bag this week sometime. The silver looks nice in person.
  15. may i know what material is this made of and if its durable ? tia