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  1. #1 Sep 18, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2010
    Hello everyone - my first post here although I have been a lurker for quite some time.

    I am about to buy my first Chloe bag and would very much like some help from those more knowledgeable than me! I like so many of the Chloe bags, the Heloise for example, but I have fallen in love with Paraty. Such a gorgeous design and so practical, being able to wear it on the shoulder or on the arm. I am so excited, but just don't quite know what colour or size to get. I have spent ages wandering around in Selfridges and Harvey Nichols here in the UK and getting more and more confused as to which would be best.

    My first question is regarding colour. Do Chloe tend to stick with the same available colours throughout the season, or do they sometimes bring out new colours which we weren't expecting? At the moment here in the UK I can only find black, chocolate brown or rock. But I really prefer the more unusual colours such as nutmeg, rosewood, pink beige, beige rose. I don't tend to buy very dark bags and usually go for a middle colour. I did see a lovely milk coloured Paraty but for a British winter I think sadly that may be impractical. My coats tend to be light grey or camel, not dark, and apart from black trousers and black boots in winter, all my clothes tend to be light and colourful. I'm not really a lover of black bags.

    I could import a Nutmeg from the USA but prices in the US already seem higher than the UK, and when you then add on shipping and British VAT and import duties, what was a £1000 bag if available in the UK suddenly seems to become £1400 or thereabouts when bought from the US.

    I have looked on the dreaded eBay but it's such a risk buying from there. I have sold a few genuine Mulberrys on eBay and bought one Mulberry, but it's so risky, and when spending the amount of money needed for a Chloe, even more of a risk!

    My second question is about the size of the Paraty. I believe there are two sizes - medium and large? I have seen both and just can't decide between them. The medium is much smaller than my current bags - to give you a clue I've been using a Mulberry Daria Hobo all summer, very large - and I'm not sure the medium would fit my iPad in it. On the other hand, the medium seems more in proportion than the large, looks much cuter somehow - and if I wanted to take my iPad out occasionally, perhaps I'd just use a different bag! Decisions decisions.

    Your thoughts would be so much appreciated, especially with regards to the colour as my head is spinning on that issue. I'm sorry for such a long first post!
  2. Welcome and congrats on your first post! Glad it's in the Chloe for your first Chloe bag the Paraty is a great choice!

    Chloe colors change throughout the season, but some colors like black and nutmeg seem to be year round. I think the boutiques may have a larger color collection compared to dept stores.

    Rosewood is an older season color and might be harder to find brand new. If you could find that color, I would jump on it! The last I checked boutiques in the US still had Beige and Beige Rose. You can't go wrong with any color in the Paraty.
    Nut was a very popular color recently too. A few PF'rs have revealed their Nut paratys here. Very beautiful neutral med taupe-y/light brown color. I think Beige Rose would be a great color too.

    Sizes- I have small (or med) paratys. This size best suits me as I am quite petite. You're right about the proportions too. The unique shape of the paraty shows more in the smaller size. It seems more rectangular in the larger sizes, though I have never seen a larger size in person. It has a different slouch with the larger size as well. But the smaller paraty will not hold an iPad unless you keep the top unzipped.
    I would say the larger paraty is probably more similar to the Daria in size capacity but don't let the small paraty deceive you. It's pretty roomy!

    Let us know what you decide! Would love to see a Paraty reveal from you.
  3. Hi Kitcat - and thank you so much for your helpful advice. I think from what you have said, my best course of action would be to ring the Chloe boutique in London on Monday and see which Paratys they have in stock, which sizes and colours, and then decide if it's worth my while jumping on a train down to London (I live in the north of England, a long way from London). But if they do have a Beige Rose in stock that would be ideal - I adore that colour!

    Other than that, a Beige or a Nut would be lovely, as would a Nutmeg which seems a gorgeous warm colour. I've seen a Heloise Hobo in Nutmeg so I presume the Paraty colour would be similar?

    Rosewood does look gorgeous but I'm guessing that if they are no longer made than eBay would be my only hope for that - and I do get wary buying on eBay because of all the replica bags.

    As for size, I think from what you say, the small/medium would be best for me. The larger size does seem very large and when I tried it on in the Rock colour, I looked a bit swamped by the Paraty! Though in a lighter colour it may not seem so big. It's very wide though. Beautiful, but maybe small/medium would be best as I am only 5' 5".

    Thanks again for the warm welcome to the forum. I really hope to be doing a reveal of my new Paraty very soon.
  4. Is this the Nut colour on the NAP British wewbsite? As a newcomer to Chloe colours, it's really hard for me to tell, and they just call it "brown"

    Thanks for your help!
  5. I recently bought a large paraty, but found the shoulder strap to be too long for me unless it was worn cross-body. Does anyone know if the shoulder strap on the small/med size is shorter? Thx!
  6. LJS, yes the strap is shorter and can easily be worn as a shoulder bag.
  7. carrie - it's difficult to telll definitely due to lighting, if the bag pictured is actually the bag for sale, etc. If you're able to get the color code from NAP, maybe the girls here can tell you for sure.

  8. ^the link took me to the US website, but I think it is Nut. If you click on the Details tab, the designer color is listed as Nut. :smile:
  9. #9 Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2010
    Thanks Kitcat - I'd missed that info completely somehow! It seems to have sold out again. I shall continue the hunt!
  10. Hi kitcat

    I was wondering - where can you find Paraty in Beige Rose?? Is that a new color in Paraty? I know that Marcie is available in Beige Rose, but had not heard anything about the Paraty being made in that color. Please let us know!
  11. ^oops. you are right madforchloe! The beige rose was in the Marcie.

    p.s. nice to "see" you again! I missed you around here!
  12. Miss you too, Kitkat!!

    I was very excited at the thought that Beige Rose would be available in Paraty...then I thought, oh no, another bag I want!!! I've been trying to be good lately after getting a few more Chloes....although I may be ordering the Cary in Light Khaki very soon. :graucho: I've been away from TPF lately, probably to avoid temptation mostly!
  13. I did manage to pick up a Nut small/medium Paraty on Net-a-Porter UK. However when it arrived, although I did like the colour, I decided I really want something much lighter so it's going back tomorrow.

    If anyone is looking for a Nut Paraty - watch out on the UK Net-a-Porter website in about 3 days time as no doubt it will be relisted!