New Papillion Ad on

  1. Here's a screen print..I love it and have made it a background on my phone!!!
  2. wow I love the bracelets. gorgeous.
  3. ^ I always do that! At the moment I've got a MC background on my phone. That ad is gorgeous - I also like the first pic on, with the couple and that beautiful Speedy in the back.
  4. I am madly in love with the ring in the middle... :drool: thanks for sharing!
  5. I like how the woman in the ad has grown a 3rd arm just for LV jewellery!! LOL
  6. I neeeed the bracelet on the left. Want want WANT!!! And I love the ad... it's artistically very interesting...
  7. I noticed that ad too! I thought it was cute :3
  8. the flowers look so weird on it :/ but still a great pic!!
  9. cool!
  10. Nice!

    The nail polish colors are.... amarante and perle? lol
  11. Yes, I noticed the same, almost fake:roflmfao:on!!! Great jewelry!
  12. I love the jewelry! One day...