New Palladium Charm Chain Belt

  1. Something new that just arrived at my store. :heart:

    I'd like to put this in the reference section some time. I just couldn't find the appropriate thread to post these pictures in.
    Pall Chain Belt.jpg Charm Chain Belt In Action.jpg
  2. How beautiful! Looks perfect on you!!!
  3. stunning mrsS! congrats!!!
  4. Wow MrsS!!! Can double it up as a necklace too?

  5. fabulous:tup:
  6. So cute! Looks great on you..
  7. Yes Queenie, that's exactly what asa said when she saw me try on the belt. It's heavy. Not like your Chanel pearl necklace. But yes, I tried it around my neck and it's possible.
  8. Holy Toledo!:shocked: Your figure!
  9. MrsS ~ It's Gorgeous!!! & So Are You!!! :smile:

  10. Harro, HG .... I am 10 kg overweight! Stop pulling my leg! :p
  11. Soo cute.. i love the little charms... :smile:
  12. Gorgeous, MrsS! Any modelling pics of the belt as a necklace? :graucho:
  13. It's a good thing I'm on the other side of the world because you'd probably smack me.:lecture: But the 10 kg, let's just say, is in the right spot.:shame:
  14. pyrexia, here's one for you. My DD ran through my orange boxes and helped herself to it. I then helped her put it on.
    BB HIA 14 Jun.jpg
  15. :biggrin: My PT says it's the first to go in my quest of losing weight .... :roflmfao: