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  1. I am eyeballing the Palermo GM and very very tempted to hit the purchase button...But never seen it in real life yet. Does anyone already have this bag? If you do...what do you it all that you expected??

    If I'm going to buy..I want to do it tonight..before they are all gone.
  2. I think you should go see it before you buy it. It's a nice bag, but I was loving it until I tried it on. It wasn't for me.. and they didn't have the PM so I just moved on all together. If by looking at the pictures and you think it's "you," then get it :smile:... you could always return it if you didn't like it! :smile:
  3. I passed on it...I just cannot make up my mind what I really want:sad:
  4. What are some other options?
  5. I am not a huge fan!
  6. the GM is REALLY big... unless you like really big bags the PM is probably big enough (PM is around the size of a cabas piano?).
  7. I like the look of a big bag, the way it dominates the frames of most. But its totally up to you and what fits you, Im also a fan of going into the boutique if thats at all feasible, its alot more fun and most of the time you end up coming out with something completely unexpect.
  8. I'm torn between the Palermo GM or PM, Neverfull GM or MM and Lockit Vertical. I tend to like a bigger bag (not sure why..maybe subconsciously in my mind it justify's spending hundreds on a purse?)...

    I'm kinda kicking myself I didn't just buy it..and return it if it wasn't suited for me cause its sold out again.
  9. You can always call 866-VUITTON and they will locate a Palermo GM for you and ship it right to your house...

    I LOVE bigger bags too... and like you said, it definitely helps justify spending hundreds-thousands of dollars for one :smile:
  10. Not a fan of it!
  11. i was quite excited about it until i saw it in person, but to be fair, i only saw the GM in person.
  12. i have the gm and i love it. it is great for travel and everyday, if you love big bags.
  13. Not for me though.
  14. too big for me