New pair of earrings for Christmas!

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  1. My friend just dropped by to give me these earrings for Christmas...

    I love love love love them...and I don't care how much they're worth because I adore them, but I was wondering if anyone knows how much these I can find another gift for my friend whose value is *comparable* to the price of these...I don't want to give him what I have for him now any more...:sad: Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Lovely earrings! I think they are around £150-200. Sorry, not much help on this one but enjoy the earrings! :heart:
  3. I think I saw them on you can check out the price there.
  4. i got the same ones a few months ago and i think that they were about 150pounds.
  5. :wtf: Oh my goodness!
    That is so expensive!!!
    Anyways, thanks for all of your help!
  6. They are gorgeous!
  7. sorry sorry, i went to the shops again today and they were 85pounds. i must have got it mixed it with another pair...

    For anyone interested, they are on sale at selfridges!
  8. oh! if you don't mind me asking, were the bags on sale at selfridges too?
  9. Yes they were. But I think it was mostly the older collections that were on sale. It was chaotic there today... extremely crowded :S
  10. ^^ Thanks for the headsup, MissyE. I might have a look today and see what they have. :yahoo:
  11. thanks MissyE! i reckon i'll pop by selfridges when i check out the harvey nics sale in manchester!
  12. they're absolutely adorable....congratulations!
  13. I'm going to the Harrods sale tomorrow!!
  14. (oops realised i hijacked the thread somewhat.. but..)
    GOOD LUCK MissyE! i was tempted to head down to the harrods sale on the second day myself!
  15. That's all right! 85 is still expensive for EARRINGS!
    For him in return I got him a khaki LV key/change holder, hope that's comparable...:s