new pair of CLs or Over the Knee Boots?

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  1. winter is coming and i've been wanting a pair of over the knee boots for some time now, but i am able to get a discount of a pair of CLs that is in a too good to be passed for price! what to do?! :smash::smash: its driving me crazy! Another note though, these CLs are just a plain black pigalle but it would be my first pair of CLs :biggrin:
  2. dang! i love both your options! esp since the CL are discounted and are a classic pair. but i also like the OTK boots.......

    leaning towards the CL a bit more since they're classic colored
  3. CLs of course. The pigalles are timeless. Over the knee boots are ok but limited for evening wear only and winter, and I'm afraid they will be out of fashion soon.
  4. I too, vote for the CL's! But have you found some OTK boots you love?
  5. noo, i havent had a chance to shop around yet cus of school... any suggestions?
  6. Good to see you here hunny_bii.

    I would say pigalles for now as they can be worn with skirts, slacks and jeans... and all year round.

    OTK boots is of course fall and winter and can't be worn to formal school gatherings...

    Good luck!!!
  7. I would say go for the pigalles NOT because they are CL's because you can wear them all 4 seasons vs OTK where it can only be worn during cold days / winter / fall :smile:
  8. OMG - Pigalles all the way!! I really don't predict that the OTK boot trend will last much longer...but Pigalles are so timeless, so classic...
  9. Pigalles! These are the sexiest, classic pump!
  10. close call, but a CL at a grt price is hard to beat
  11. Hi Hunny_Bii!!! Believe it or not, but I was in the same position as you a few weeks ago. I am a huge CL lover and I adore the Pigalles! I think they are beautiful, sexy, and breath-taking. But for the life of me, I can't wear them. They're a towering 5" heels and I can't take more than a few steps in them. I have Decollettes, which are 4" heels, and can run a mile in them, but the Pigalles are almost impossible for me to walk in. And because the cut is wider, they hurt the sides of my feet. So instead of getting the Pigalles, I decided to get the Stuart Weitzman 50/50 OTK boots. I saw pictures of Olivia Palermo with them, and instantly fell in love. These are flat OTK boots and they are super soft and comfortable. I felt that I can get more wear from the boots than the Pigalles. I usually wear flat OTK boots at least twice a week in the fall and winter time, and if I would have gotten the Pigalles I would probably wear them maybe twice a month. So base on how much use I would get out of them, I decided to go with the OTK boots :P

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  12. ;)
    oh nooooooo!!! have you tried the pigalle 100 ? i agree with you the 120 is like asking for death wish , there arent many people who can easily walk in them ..i am farrr from one hahaha.but anyway try the 100 heel height i love mine to bits!!1
  13. Yes! I tried the 100 and it's so much better! I sized 1/2 - 1 full size down, but the width was still too wide for my feet. I love looking at the Pigalle but I have a very hard time wearing them :sad:
  14. Definitely CLs:smile:
  15. :sad: :sad: :cry: