New Paddys on NAP...Mousse, Taupe Satchels...Gold Bowler

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  1. Goll dang, the site is slow! They're supposed to be improving the site... looking forward to that. It's always slow when they add new stuff.
  2. Whew, got in. I gotta say, Taupe looks DELICIOUS on that site! It's not that pretty IRL, IMO. It's actually much darker... unless the color varies between styles. I'm going to pretend my Zippy is that pretty.
  3. Daisy, Your zippy is pretty!
  4. Aw, thank you! But it's not THAT pretty, lol. The color on NAP is so natural looking--do you know what I mean by that? It's the ultimate color I've been searching for in Paddyville all along. Anyway, thank you. =)
  5. Okay...back to the name game. Is that "bowler/bouler" bag that NAP has in gold the same thing as the one that NM and BG have in chocolate that we have been calling the box bag? If so, I am loving it more and more...
  6. ET: Yes. I've always called that one the Bowler. In fact, I have affectionately named my black Bowler "Bobo". =)
  7. Ooooh I'm loving the Taupe, WHY IS LVR SO SLOW?!?! I'm almost tempted to cancel my order from them and order from NAP.. argh.. what to dooooo? :worried:
  8. It's a dead on site to order from, but I live in Europe. My Jimmy Choos have been delivered in under 48 hours. NAP are also the authorized dealer for Chloe, so you are safe there. Not sure about shipping times to th US, but I imagine it's not too bad. I like the order-Wednesday-have-it-for-the-weekend concept! It was started by an ex-Vogue staff member using all her contacts in the industry and has exploded from there. And a ton of new designers coming on board this year, too. Worth sitting on my computer waiting for Wednesday afternoons...:amuse:
  9. Yea I just didn't want to be ripped off....especially after reading that thread about Bergacci! Thanks for the info! :smile:
  10. I don't blame you, there was a couple of really frightening experiences out there on some of those threads!
  11. NAP is awesome - I have had items delivered to Colorado in 2 days from ordering.

    The packaging is amazing - the service world class, I am a huge supporter of NAP. :biggrin:
  12. GREAT! Now that I finally see more views of this bag, the chocolate is GONE from both sites that had it yesterday!!!!!:sad2:
  13. It'll be back! I've seen it come and go from NM 3 or 4 times now