New Paddy from LVR sale arrived

  1. The color is Moka, a very nice dark brown.
    The bag looks great, but I was a little confused when I opened the box. I always thought that all brown Paddys have white stitching, mine has a dark one. Don't get me wrong I love the bag, but does anyone know if there are different types of stitching on Moka Paddys?
    One thing that bothers me is, it came with a scratch on the hardware.:tdown: It's not too obvious on first sight, because it's on the underside of one of the handle, do you think I should contact LVR for a possible discount. I paid € 746, so I expected a bag in perfect condition.

    Excuse the quality of the pictures, taken with my cell phone camera!
    the scratch:
  2. My Tobacco/Brun Paddy has brown sticking, I prefer it that way.
  3. Hi Vida!

    I have a friend whose moka paddy has dark stitching's just like yours!!

    Hope you enjoy yours as much as my friend Madeline LOVES hers :smile:
  4. :heart: I love moka~ is a very nice colour!

    However, it seems the scratch is pretty obvious... I think you should ask LVR.
  5. That's a shame about the scratch! I wonder if they'd discount it anymore because of the defect.
  6. Beautiful color! Love it.
  7. Beautiful paddy! Enjoy it!!!
  8. My chocolate paddy buyer's tote has a scratch too. According to my friend who is a manager at Nordys, its gonna happen... whether you do it or someone else did. I would've preferred mine to be in perfect condition, but hey.. .begger's can't be choosers. LOL
  9. congrats!!
  10. Shame about the scratch - def try to a discount. Otherwise its LOVELY!

  11. I agree I would try to get a's worth it.

    Congrats to your new "baby"!