"NEW" paddy colors on diabro.net?

  1. I was ordering some new paddy wallets on diabro.net when I noticed the "new" paddy colors. :shrugs: Have any of you seen them? I think they are recycling muscade, taupe, and (sort of) jaune....also, the "new" white is called "steam." I think it's really lazy of them not to have come up with some actual NEW colors ....I think it may be that they are trying to push the new styles and not doing much with the paddys. :sad: Some marketing genius decided that the paddys are not "in" anymore and they seem to be adding a few just to placate us old diehards....any thoughts??? :confused1: I was hoping they would get into suede for some new paddys, much as they have done with patent leather. :idea: No such luck so far....
  2. Steam???? What the?????? Must check this out.............
  3. I know...I was really in awe this morning looking at all the new goodies diabro had.....:sweatdrop:
  4. ITA. this is a joke. the majority of the colors are "recycled." Do they think a new name will fool us into paying $$$ for an old style/color?
  5. Yeah- i wasn't impressed with the new selection of paddy colours on Diabro, but my local department store has the most gorgeous new paddy in a deep blue shade, not quite navy, but not much brighter, with silver hardware- it is gorgeous. And the leather is quite different from usual paddy leather, much nearer to my unquilted bay leather, though thicker than the bay. The bag is gorgeous (but with a mousse paddy and a metallic blue nuit paddy I can't even consider it, which is just as well really).
  6. I'm wondering if that is a new bag or the navy blue with the silver hardware from '06...:graucho: If so I have it, and you're right, the leather is gorgeous, but I am wondering if it's actually another navy w/silver hardware or a new bag for autumn/winter? If it is a new one, then they are recycling THAT color as well! :cursing:
  7. Beanie, can you tell me if "elephant" is a recycled color? I ordered one sight unseen and am trying to find a swatch of it. I didn't see it listed on the chloe thread about colors and swatches.
  8. Yeah I've seen them... I didn't notice the colour recycling as much as I noticed the leather! It seem to be getting stiffer and stiffer! In some of the photos, the paddies look almost as bad as fakes on eBay (*shudders* I can't believe I just criticised the paddy :crybaby:)
  9. I didn't realise there was a navy w silver hardware last year, I wonder if it was form last year. It would probably have been on display before now, and I am fairly sure I haven't seen it before in that department store. Either way, it isn't cool- if it is old stock from last year being put out as new, or if it is another rehash of one of last year's colours. (But all that aside it was tdf).