new paddingtons on NAP!

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  1. if you've been looking to get a paddington like right this very instant instead of waiting until feb, has the whiskey, chocolate, and light blue in stock right now! hurry hurry hurry!
  2. ooo how pretty, i want the whiskey!!! blahhhhhh i can't i can't i can't!
  3. Damn i cant wait till the new year ............
  4. thanks for the info, I went to the site and went through all the motions to purchase and when I realized I was getting it for $50.00 less than Nordstrom, I decided to wait. For those of you who have not dealt with Nordstrom alot, they are unbelievable when it comes to customer service. If I buy my Chloe from them and a year later the stitching is coming apart or whatever, they will fix it or refund it or find me a new one. Customer service at all cost is their philosophy and I give them my business whenever I can.
  5. i wish they had the ivory :sad: i would be all up on it.

    what was the final cost going to come out to?
  6. I want the anthracite one :cry:

    I cry everytime i see the picture.. huaaaaaaaaaa :cry:

    Gotta think really hard to find a reason to persuade my husband to get it for me... ha ha :lol:
  7. they have a free shipping code (freeship) and then the total was going to be around $1430. including duty, excluding shipping. The darn dollar would have served us better three or four years ago. I'm patient and Nordstrom said they are getting theirs in in January. The thing to do with Nordy's is find a top notch SA who you would like to work with and give her your business and she will do what it takes to find you the bags you want. I love my SA and she calls me out of the blue to offer me first shot at my Isabella addiction and now that she knows I want chloe she will call. My business is repeat so she wants to keep me as her customer.
  8. If you find a way, share....I've been trying to drop many, MANY hints to my boyfriend to either get me a bag, or give me a gift certificate so I can go buy one that I want. He been like, "Oh, you don't need another have enough!" :cry:
  9. My total is showing as $1483 when I calculated it? It says duties are 69.12 GBP. Hmmm.... That is still cheaper than paying the $1480 + FL state sales tax and shipping.
  10. Bought the whiskey paddy! :love: I should have had it shipped to work so the bf doesn't see the box when it comes :lol: I'll post photos! How long does shipping usually take, for those who have purchased from NAP before?
  11. 2 days after they verify you!
  12. Woohoo! I ended up saving around $100 if I had purchased it from Nordstrom, which isn't too bad :biggrin: Saving money is a good thing right about now :lol:
  13. Christina! I am so thrilled for you!:nuts: You will LOOOVE it!:love:
  14. i know i saved about 150 instead of ordering my anthracite from NM! oh man how i want the whiskey sooooo bad! :love:
  15. oo cool! I was wondering if it would come out more expensive :biggrin: I'll go check it out.