New Paddington - Transparent Padlocks?

  1. Hey everyone. I finally got my first Chloe 2 weeks ago from Milan and am dying for more. Got the Paddington Dome in Tan with over 60% discount in Milan. The classic Paddington was naturally sold out and impossible to get. While surfing the Neiman Marcus website I saw that there seems to be a newer collection of Paddies, in cream and white with silver hardware and new transparent padlocks. What do you all think about these new bags. Is it worth it splurging on the cream one given my tan Dome?

    Also, I saw a photo of Ashley Simpson wearing a red Chloe Paddington clutch. Do you think I find it anywhere? Any idea how much it would cost?

    Really appreciate your insights.
  2. Schmett - congratulations on joining us here! And wow - I was in Italy around two weeks ago as well but I didn't come across any bargains. Is your Paddington Dome the one with the leather covered lock and patent trim? Hopefully you will post pictures soon. And I think I know which white Paddy you are talking about with the transparent lock. Someone else bought it and posted pictures and it is absolutely gorgeous to me! I have the dome Paddy in black patent and I am considering this white one as well. But it may be a little redundant. But you know what? If you love it with a passion - who cares?
  3. I was unsure about the clear padlock at first, but it's growing on me!

    As for the red clutch, do you have a photo you can post?
  4. Hey ladies,

    Thank you so much for replying to me. That was my first post and I already feel welcome and happy to be amongst bag lovers as myself.

    Divanata, I have the Paddington Dome in Tan with the "old padlocks". It's in leather as the classic Paddington. Here's the bag in white from the Neiman Marcus site with the new padlock. Will try to post photos of mine soon though. It is crazy how cheap it was. I bought it 2 weeks ago from the Chloe Boutique in La Rinascente in Milan so it's real. It was like 60% off the listed price.

    I'm starting a serious Chloe addiction and am seriously considering the new Paddington. The transparent Padlock is fine, but I'm not sure about the silver hardware with the tan color. I liked the metally golden feel of the older version. What do you all think?

    Iwona, here's the red clutch. I fell in love with it when I saw Ashley Simpson holding it at an event. Do you all new if I can still find it in the stores?

  5. chloe-dome.jpg

  6. Loving that transparent padlock!!
  7. Welcome to the forum Schmett!
    I'm loving that red Paddington clutch!!
  8. I'm dying for the new transparent lock paddys :love: it's #1 on my list to buy for 08 spring/summer
  9. Both the white & red bags are very nice - you have great taste !

    I've seen that pic of Ashlee Simpson too - bag looks bigger that I thought it would be when I've seen in pictured on it's own. Actually looks like a decent size for a night out - now I want one too ;)
  10. Actually, I saw the white dome with the transparent lock and it was smashing!!
  11. Ever since I sold my Edith bags, I have been dying for a Chloe bag. This particular style is really calling to me. :drool:
  12. I took another look at that white beauty at Neiman's today and fell in love again! I want it for summer. Sigh - I will have to wait somehow for those sales. You know they will come but I hope they happen before the end of the summer clothes weather.
  13. i dont like the transparent locks, i think they look a bit cheap, and they are still very expensive, also i have heard that the leather isnt as good on these bags???
  14. I guess the lock is lighter.:confused1:
  15. yeah i imaging its lighter and the leathers thinner so on the whole a much lighter bag.....well i would hope!