New Paddington in Ecureil Color--

  1. I just received a new Paddington in the color, Ecureil. I will post picture as soon as I can. I would describe it as a dark whiskey, does anyone know anything about this color, i.e. the year and what Ecureil means?
  2. it means whiskey !
  3. You should be able to tell the year from the "serial number" tag inside the zipper pocket.

    Please post pics!! :nuts:

  4. Will post picture soon.
  5. Ecureil means squirrel in French :yes:
  6. Yes it is whiskey, thank you for the info.
  7. Re Re thats a gorgeous looking bag - well done! Looks amazing colour and leather
  8. Congrats, what a beautiful bag!
  9. Congrats~ I love whiskey!!!!
  10. It is definitely one of the richest colors I've seen in this bag. I had the bag on order thinking it was a chocolate brown, but it turned out to be whiskey--I wasn't disappointed!
  11. Can I ask, where did you find this gorgeous specimen??
  12. That is a beautiful color paddington. Congratulations.
  13. OH MY!!! So lovely! :love::drool::heart: Where did you get this beautiful bag???
  14. I tried to post the name and then the website where I purchased the bag, but its not allowing me to do that, so I guess I'm not supposed to put this info into a message.
  15. Yeah, it means whiskey:smile: Enjoy:yes: