New Paddington Dilema

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  1. So as most of you know I pre-ordered both the Ivory and Whiskey Paddington Satchels from Neiman Marcus, and it won't be delivered until the end of February. But...I just went on LVR and like the Shopping Paddington handbag as well now! What should I do? I'm actually REALLY liking the Shopping...a lot. But I am a shorty and it may be too big. I'm only getting one paddy so what should I do? :worried:
  2. You may want to compare return policies, because you might change your mind on how much you like the bags.. and don't be afraid of large bags, short girls can carry anything ! (I know this cause I'm super short!)
  3. I would stay with the classic paddy not the shopping zip, it is large and tote like. Are you looking for a tote or a handbag? I vote to keep your order w NM.
  4. why wait until feb? Chloe store in South Coast Plaza has lots of paddington satchels....
  5. I'm sorry, but please enlighten me, what is the 'LVR', a website? I've read it a couple of times, very confused. Would like to give an opinion as I love my paddington satche.
  6. lvr is
  7. The shopping Paddington is nice, New and Diff from the usual satchet. Definately wouldn't hurt! I like the BIG PADDINGTON W POCKET HANDBAG, very nice as well.
  8. I am 5'3 so I'm short TOO!!! But I carry bit or small bags, either way I look cute, and I can get away with it!:amuse:SO i would go for the larger one!
  9. It seems like half of you like the satchel and half like the shopping. I'm 55%/45% for the satchel as of this moment. I guess when I go back to LA from SF I'll have to go to the Chloe store as VWS suggested...still torn!
  10. Amanda..could you let me know how much the paddy total will be at lvr? thanks!
  11. I will NOT buy a Paddy..I will NOT buy a Paddy...I will NOT buy a Paddy...I will NOT buy a Paddy...I will NOT buy a Paddy...I will NOT buy a Paddy...I will NOT buy a Paddy...............:worried:
  12. ^^^is the mantra working? :biggrin:
  13. You must help the economy...You must help the economy:amuse:
  14. hahahahahahhahahaha! that's a good one!:P
  15. so far, so far, so far, so good.