New paddington capsules

  1. Always debating about a paddy, like the leather and style, but it is way too heavy.

    Just found this on Couple of questions:

    1. does this look "navy" too you?
    2. did they make a mistake on pricing? $840 seems too good to be true. The larger size satchel sells for $1800 and up.
    3. Which color is better, olive or navy?

    Am really liking this one, thinking about getting this during the Saks gift card event next thursday.

    Thanks, ladies.
  2. oops, here is the thread:
  3. Hi acshih, it actually looks black to me in the picture, not navy at all! I saw the black on net-a-porter a week or two ago, so it might just be that saks does not have the navy picture online. as for pricing, I don't think it's a mistake as the bag is closer to the size of the paddington clutch which retails for $595 than the satchel. I think it'll be very pretty in navy, do post pictures if you get it! :smile:
  4. I think a couple of tpf'ers already have this bag so I'm sure they will comment. It's definitely my fav of the new paddy capsule collection.

    My vote would be for navy over olive but if it's black then I would say olive.
  5. Thanx. Chatted with a saks rep, she says that this bag is black but the designer calls this color navy!?? Anyways, I will wait and see if any more new colors come out next season. Thanx, everyone.
  6. I have this bag and the tag says Bleu Nuit. It looks black to me though, has grey stitching.

    The olive looks yummy, now why didn't they have that in store when I bought mine???

    It's very small, won't fit much in it so the price reflects that...

  7. I saw it irl and it's small. It's more of a "going out" bag. Not for every day use if you are like me and carry a bunch of junk every day.
  8. Yeah, it looks kinda of small now. I guess had the wrong dimension marked. Thanx.:p
  9. It's gorgeous, but it definitely looks to me like the wrong description with the wrong picture. No double top handles on the smaller version.

    The details say it's the bigger satchel. I wonder if you ordered they'd send the larger bag described?:graucho:

    Might be worth telling Saks about that mistake, btw!:tup: