New packaging - no more brown *pics on pg 12*

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  1. So I heard that the brown packaging is out, and a new packaging is coming soon.

    It's going to be a yellow with some kind of color trim, if I understand correctly, and is a nod to the packing from way back when. I heard it is Hermes-looking in style (not color).

    Has anyone heard more? The brown is so iconic to me but I look forward to seeing the new one!
  2. Wow really? I can't imagine not having the brown boxes. Is this just temporary as a seasonal type of thing or is it going to be permanent?
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  3. Oh noooo, I love the brown boxing. Besides FENDI has yellow boxes already. It will be interesting to see :confused1:
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  4. Nope, permanent.
  5. #5 Jul 11, 2016
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    Well, the brown boxing itself hasn't been around all that long--I still have some of the earlier Epi-pattern rust color boxing. So they do change it up.
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  6. Brown boxes are classic and most recognizable. Some things are better left alone.

  7. They aren't classic, they're fairly recent. They are recognizable, though. I don't see the issue with changing. It's like complaining about the new colored Damier--not for everyone, sure, but still LV in its DNA. If the packaging has good design, I'm all for it.
  8. The box color doesn't bother me - even the dust bags have changed. I'm sure the newer boxes will be more economical for them but pricier for us
    Hopefully they go green at least lol
  9. Yes, I heard about that too.

    No more leather ties too, I think it's ribbon now? My SA said that my last purchase was the last of the leather ties, and DBFs purchase was the new brown ribbon.

    I hope that it's still pretty. It's the whole cherry on top when buying a the boutique, pretty packaging to unwrap when you get home.

    Does anyone know when they'll start rolling it out?
  10. Does it make us cynical that this was my first thought?! This is EXACTLY what I thought, lol. They probably found a way to cut costs so they have lower expenses but can continue to increase prices. Ok, maybe I am cynical ... or perhaps just a realist!
  11. i love the brown boxes but i am curious to see the new packaging!
  12. I love the brown boxes bc I thought it went so well with the Mono and DE bags. I always thought LV had the best packaging bc im not a fan of yellow or orange or any other color besides black and white and of course brown LV boxes
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  13. i love the brown packaging also..
    does it going to be yellow like the dustbag ?
    Im so curious :smile: cant wait to see it
  14. I hope the box are hard like the usual brown box. I hope they don't have hardness like Hermes boxes.
    But it makes sense of changing design packaging. Gucci has done it (Not a fan). I knew something was up when seeing ribbons instead of brown leather cords. But I am going to miss receiving the brown boxes. I just love the texture look of it and the color.
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  15. a realist - as long as we are as keen on buying as we are right now they will find ways to cut costs and raise prices - that's just the reality of doing business