New Package from FedEx

  1. I got this yesterday from FedEx. After they stressed me out for two days with the tracking saying the package was on the truck but it wasn't delivered until last night. Darn those other people wanting their Christmas gifts. :p

    So, here is a pic:
    Package Stack.JPG
  2. Open it up!!! What's inside! :smile:
  3. show us!
  4. Does anyone want to know what is inside? :sneaky:
  5. :nuts:What's in there??? :graucho:

    I wanna see!!! Please:angel:
  6. Share PLEASE!!!!
  7. Okay, Here is a peek.
    Scarf Box Ribbon.JPG
  8. Oh! Tease!
  9. Tee Hee. You all make this way too fun!
    Rose Covered.JPG Scarf Box Inside.JPG
  10. oh....don't be pullin' a bagnshoo on us!
    take it off!
  11. We wants to seee!!!!
  12. oh man there are some sick and twisted people on this forum!!!! :p
  13. I'm still here. Here is a bigger peek.
    Rose Handle.JPG Scarf Corner.JPG
  14. No more teasing!!
  15. Hey! I can hear you! :p