New Outlet Stuff?

  1. I was curious if anyone knew if they would be getting anything new at the outlets after Christmas? I have read a lot about the new spring stuff being put out the day after Christmas but does that mean new items will be put out at the outlets as well? :flowers:
  2. I am wondering this as well...
  3. I was told by a friendly SA that they will have a new floorset out on the 21st. She mentioned a new "wave" pattern that's an outlet exclusive. I don't know about any new full price items.
  4. Thanks for the info!! :smile:
  5. ohh nice to know. but hmm...they had a wave pattern last year/the beginning of this year too. maybe theyve changed it up a bit like the colors or something.
  6. OOO I forgot to ask.. what does it mean exactly that its an outlet exclusive? Does it just mean its something they decided wasn't right for the boutiques? Does anyone have pics of the last outlet exclusive?
  7. New Outlet Stuff comes out in my Outlet this Friday, 12/21.
    The new wave handbag has black and silver leather and some
    signature in it as well. It comes in a tote and an east west bag.
  8. I was told there will be a new floorset on Friday (12/21) too. My favorite SA told that there will be the "wave pattern", a new duffle, and something in "pig" colored PINK!?!?!?! (that was exactly how she put it)
    She said they were all outlet exclusive. She said they were going to start putting they out on Thursday night. (12/20)
  9. My outlet said they were going to have a new floor set and new handbags on the 19th.
    They are opening the store at 9am.
    They are still receiving legacy things, more signature pieces though,
    but those come out instantly because they are on clearence.
  10. Has anybody been to the Carlsbad outlet? Or does anyone know when that outlet plans to get new stuff in stock?? TIA!
  11. Hi Pinkie, to the best of my knowledge, it is a line or individual item that is made specifically for the outlet and cannot be purchased online or in the full price Coach store. The outlets usually have their own colors and patterns. Also the mini signature is now outlet exclusive with the exception of I think a luggage peice that they have online as a classic. The outlets also have their own colors for letter charms etc.
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  13. I would think that the holiday patchwork would make it to the outlets eventually... though RIGHT after christmas might be a bit soon :p
  14. I think I remember somebody on here saying that they spotted them at the outlet already.

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