New Outlet Purchase.

  1. Not sure of names etc. Let me know what you think.:tup:
    NJ Outlet3.jpg
  2. i love the little purse on the right!
  3. Wow, great purchases! Sorry i cant help you with the name but everything is so cute!
  4. oo so cute...congrats! sorry i dont know names
  5. Love them... congrats
  6. Amalfi Hobo, I guess. Congrats!
  7. yes, beejerry is right: it's an amalfi hobo. I've got a brown leather one. it's absolutely an adorable bag! congrats & enjoy!!!
  8. Congrats! I just got an amalfi from the outlet,too. I haven't used it yet but I think its cute and it will match some Gucci ivory driving mocs I have. Same outlet (Secaucus) has the mocs if you are interested! Enjoy your goodies. Tell me how you like using your bag,too.
  9. I love the hobo!!!! The cream is doing it for me!
  10. That's where I got the hobo. How much were the mocs & can you post pics? Would love to see them. I'll let you know how I like using the bag.
  11. congratz!
  12. Congrats! Cute bag!
  13. Very cute! Congrats!
  14. love love love! Especially the coin purse!
  15. Very nice purchases!