New Outlet Penelopes

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  1. If anyone sees the new Penelopes at the outlets, would you please let me know what colors the shoppers are available in? Thanks in advance!
  2. I see whit, siggy, green
  3. black leather, navy leather, plum leather
  4. Did Jackson have these? I'm looking for a purple leather bag? Are they nice and how much? Thanks!!
  5. Are the new penelopes MFF bags; how much do they cost? Thanks!
  6. are they the tote? Any pics? I would love a black leather!
  7. Ooooo... I'm liking it so far! Any gray, gunmetal, or silver? How much are they? Do they have matching wallets too? Thank you!!!
  8. I called AC and they told me - could not get anyone on phone in J
  9. I'm thinking another snowstorm will keep us from the outlets again this weekend. I'll try to get Jackson on the phone after work. I'm very I retested o see these before I hit eBay for something.

  10. GO - they have them - I like the Navy
    They are MFF - but they said they look just like FP
    totes and hobos
  11. Ok just got jackson. It's supposedly lilac. Shoppers are $149 and $189. Totes $209. Hobo too. Not sure of price. Coupon probably until Sunday. I'd lime to see it but he said it is light pure. Not really what I want.
  12. Just called in as well. They have siggy, black, white and lilac leather. Put a black leather on hold just in case but was told there were 'plenty' of them! So a snow storm can't stop me!!!
  13. That's what they told me too. And coupon till Sunday! Please post pics if you get one and look at the lilac for me. Tks!!
  14. anyone knows the bag item number? ebay has?

  15. OMG ENOUGH of the damn snow already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am so ready for Jamacia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!