New Outlet Opening in PA!! Hold onto your walets, ladies!!

  1. I haven't been around for a while so I'm not sure if somebody already mentioned this, but there is a new outlet opening in Limerick starting November 8th. I just got an e-mail for it a few minutes ago and they have a COACH!!! They didn't have it in the initial list but then I looked at the stores grouped by catergory and there it was. It's under leatherware so I'm not too sure if it'll have signature, but I'm just so excited! Finally an outlet that I can get to!
  2. And this morning I was just thinking "hey I haven't seen her on here in awhile" lol hope everythings ok!!!
  3. Hi. Coach has been on the list there since before the framing went up. Unfortunately, it WILL NOT be a signature store though.
  4. Philadelphia Premium Outlets
  5. Where is Limerick exactly? I mean how far is it from Philly? I read about these outlets a few weeks ago and was plotting to get up there to see what the coach outlet had.
  6. The latest Coach boutique just opened up at the Lifestyle Center in the Lehigh Valley Mall. Very nice, although I'm not too sure about the SA's yet. My first visit was this past Monday when I bought the E initial keyfob for my boyfriend's mother's birthday. One girl seemed really pushy and obnoxious. It's just one out of many! I should have applied to work there, but I'm happy with my job at Barnes & Noble which is 3 stores away!

    I'll have to definitely check out the new outlet... The closest one in the Allentown area is in Tannersville at the Crossings Premium Outlets. 1 hour away. SO worth it, though!
  7. I love Tannersville... it's 70-80 minutes from me, but definitely worth the trip. I was looking forward to this new outlet, but if it's not signature, Philly is well over 2 hours from me so you guys just saved me a trip, thanks :tup:
  8. Hi it would be off 422 off of 202. About 10 miles from 202 & 422. It's on the left after Limerick, near the Sanatoga exit.
  9. well have fun!!! let me know if they have anything good...