New outlet bag

  1. I went to the kittery store yesterday and I got a Large Soho Hobo in a color that is TDF ! The Leather feels awesome too. I think the SA called it "Mint" but it is not green, it is a light blue with polished Nickel hardware. Also a great price. I will post pics when I download my camera.
  2. can't wait to see! i LOVE blue and that sounds delish.

    good price?
  3. I live within an hour of Kittery, did they have anything that was signature. I do like leather, but love signature! :yes:
  4. i just got a mini skinny in mist the other day! it is lovely!
  5. Sorry it is "mist" I remember when the signature came out in mist. It sounded like she said mint when i talked to her on the phone and i didn't make the connection but anyway, It is a beautiful color and was only $135 plus 5 % sales tax. I had a return so It was the same price. the only signature they have in Kittery is khaki mini signature and white leather in the e/w duffle, regular duffle and large duffle all with the leather on the bottom. They also had some luggage that was in mini sig. I think they are trying to get rid of it all, as it has been discontinued. They also had 1 or 2 east west duffles that are black with black and white mini sig. As for regular signature, they had 1 east/west demi in black and 1 mist signature wallet which was 90 dollars with 20 percent off. all of the mini sig bags i think were in the $167-$200 range with 20 percent off and probably will go down more, so if you love mini sig and want a bag for the summer then you can get some cute ones. So the east west duffle in khaki mini sig and white leather came to $135 plus tax. They had these really cool bags that were $190 with 20 percent off and they were in mist and i think saddle. The were like front pocket carryall or tote with the double handles and the soho buckles on 2 front pockets. I was torn between that one and the one I got but i think i made the right decision.
  6. wow lucky! all my outlet had in the mist color was signature.
  7. Oh they also had some straw totes and scribble totes
  8. I can't wait to see pics of this color!
  9. Did you see any legacy items in kittery?
  10. I didn't see any. They mostly had bags made for the outlet store. I didn't see any in Tilton when I went either but that was like a month ago.
  11. The straw totes from '06 or different ones
  12. from 06 with the brown trim, they were cute.
  13. Please post pics.
  14. I have to wait for dh to come home to download my camera. he brought the cable to work
  15. Cant wait to see!