New Ostrich Colour ~ Peche?

  1. I was just browsing eBay and found this listing

    And it brings to mind, the same birkin I saw at my local store, a colour my SA thought was Sable.

    Was this colour offered at the Jul podium? I was told it wasn't. So maybe it's one of those VIP colours?

    Any information about this colour would be much appreciated.
  2. No one?

    So stunning! I wonder too if anyone has info
  3. it looks like autruche naturelle sable(aka the nekkid chicken) on my monitor BUT there once has been a color in lizard named creme de apricot that looks similar to natural sable in ostrich but is more orangey so it definately could be that there is a new color out named peche in ostrich but again the bag pictured looks like naturelle sable on my monitor
  4. S- It looks like PECHE, but I thought the color wasnt available yet?? I've seen a leather swatch of it when I went in to pick up Miss Raisin. It looks peachy in swift (wich was the swatch I saw). Not sure specifically what leathers it will be available in. Well I guess Swift since that was the swatch I saw. I'll call my SA to ask her. There was several new colors she showed look like a greyish purple color (name escapes me right now). I'll let you know what I find out!
  5. sp do you mean griolet? and could the swatchin swift you saw have been rosey(salmon peachy pink) instead of peche?
  6. I was told about a "peachy" colour (and mentioned it on tPF) a while ago....perhaps this is it?
  7. Thank you lilach, simplyprincess and GF. hermes** and nyfashionexpert never fails to amaze me. They get really stunning and unusual colours and whenever I check eBay out for educational purposes, more often than not, the colours that attract me, are colours of listings that they have. I wonder how they do it! (it's a rhetorical question)

    lilach, glad to know that you think it may be natural sable too. So, my SA wasn't that off in her colour assessement LOL! I did note that the ostrich birkin I saw had a shade of peach which I realised was unusual. It didn't even come close to Beige Rose.

    princess, would love to hear more of what your SA can share about colours in ostrich. Whilst you're at it, do you think you can enquire about Bleu Iris, please.

    GF .... all the new ostrich colours are getting me excited but my SM is witholding all the exotic swatches, for reasons I understand. Exotic quotas are very small at our store and she surely wouldn't want customers to get all excited about them, knowing she won't be able to fulfill their requests. She's a sweetie and she does always try not to disappoint but when it comes to exotics ... it's just so hard not to.
  8. Hmmm...peach indeed. It's gorgeous.
  9. That is a beautiful Birkin.

    I am wondering the same thing as well, MrsS. How do some re-sellers manage to get these wonderful colors?
  10. lilach- OK I just saw a TOGO Creme de Apricot 30cm W/GH! A customer at out store had it when she came in. This color IMO looks softer then the Peche which looks orangy to me. The pic of the Peche ostrich was confirmed to me by my SA to be indeed Peche. Of course she and my store manager were not happy to see it on eBay, but that is another story. Oh and yes, thank you so much, the color I was talking about is Griolet.

    S- My SA also told me that Bleu Iris is a medium blue with purple undertones. She also told me there will be several new colors coming out only available for exotics. I can get more details when I got back to see her. She told me of some nice "jewel tones" that will be out for 2008. There was a swatch I saw that reminded me of aqua but a little bit more greener. I'll try to get you more info as soon as I can.
  11. princess, you have piqued my interest. What does Creme de Apricot Togo look like? Can someone sneak us a swatch here?

    And yes, please PM me when you know the colours for exotics, my dear. Would greatly greatly appreciate it. :flowers::heart:
  12. I wonder if it was Lagoon that you saw.
  13. S- say you "love me!" :lol:

    I got you some pics from my SA. She just sent them to me. LOOK at the bleu lilac OSTRICH! :love:
    apricot.jpg bleu lilac.jpg sage???.jpg ??blue??.jpg ?blue?.jpg
  14. [​IMG]

    This reminds me of the periwinkle crayon in my box of 64 Crayola (R) crayons!! :heart:
  15. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!