New Orleans

  1. Is there an H boutique in New Orleans? I can't get the Stores directory to work on and am planning my trip for next week.

  2. I googled it and came up with:

    AHermes of Paris [SIZE=-1]
    301 Canal St, New Orleans, 70130 - (504) 524-2200
    Get directions - More information[/SIZE]

    Edit: I called the above number, and it answers Saks Fifth Avenue. The H website shows no shop in NOLA. I guess the googled information is old and worthless. I tried to edit or delete the post, but tPF got hung up on me or something. Sorry.
  3. Wow, so central!

    Can't imagine what the inventory there will be like 2 weeks after Mardi Gras (although I was there about this time last year and the city was still recovering!) so you'll have to tell us all about it!!

    Whatever you do, don't go in there expecting to get a Birkin the same way someone would get beads!! Heeeeeeyyyyyyyy :graucho:
  4. Funnyredhead...ALL the H stores can be found on the Hermes' website's under; store locator.
  5. Have a nice time there, but I better not see you on any Girls Gone Wild in N'Orleans videos. LOL.
  6. Before Katrina...there was a very small H section in the Saks 5th Ave. just off the French Quarter...very small, predominately scarves...a few bags...seem to recall herbags mostly...
  7. E, you're out of control. i hope the morning sickness does not do this to you....

    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. Thanks, gga - for some reason, I didn't turn up any thing when I googled it.

    EMNH - my browser doesn't like the Hermes store locator, which is why I turned to the always-reliable tPF!

    Angelfish and Japster -- you guys cracked me up! I am going to a boring conference of healthcare IT management systems execs -- somehow the phrase "heyyyyyyyy mister -- throw me some beads" just doesn't work for me with this group!!! :wtf:
  9. oooh!! maybe u'll run into brad pitt and angelina!!
  10. Yes, there was a small counter in Saks before Katrina, but the Saks was completely renovated post-K and I don't think the H counter is there anymore, unfortunately. They do have a nice LV section and a smaller Chanel section.
  11. Just in case any tPFers are heading to NOLA .. no longer an H counter at Saks. There is a very nice LV section - and Chanel, but not even any H scarves. I did do my part for the post-Katrina recovery effort, however - spending plenty of $$$ in restaurants and in those little takeout joints on Bourbon Street....:drinkup:
  12. i'm actually going to new orleans today and was wondering if you girls had any other shopping suggestions...