NEW ORLEANS! tips - questions - advice

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  1. For 'must go to places':
    Get a Po Boy at Mothers.
    Have a cafe au lait and a begniet at Cafe du Monde.
    You can try lunch at Commander's Palace. It is kind of a staple of New Orleans Creole cuisine. I've never been there for dinner, but have gone for lunch and brunch. I've heard that it isn't all that great for dinner.

    Now that those are out of the way ...

    I would have brunch at Ralph's On the Park. It overlooks City Park, so the view is amazing.

    I would also recommend Luke. It's a John Besch restaurant. He has a couple and the others are bit higher end.

    If you like Italian, try Bacco. It's in the Quarter.

    And if you are feeling adventurous, head to Willie May's Scotch House. The fried chicken there is amazing. Apparently, it is the best in the country according to the Travel Channel. The area may be a bit 'sketchy'. It's in an area that was pretty much decimated by Katrina/Rita.
  2. ^^^ I second Mother's and Cafe Du Monde.
    Also, Port of Call has the best burger I have ever eaten! And instead of fries, they give you a huge baked potato with the works! :drool: Be prepared to stuff your face if you go there.
    Mulate's is really good and when I went they had awesome live music.
    And every time I go to NOLA, Clover Grill is a must for breakfast!!

    All these NOLA threads are making me want to go visit so bad!!! Might be making a call to BIL soon :graucho:
  3. Drago's in the Hilton Riverside has the most awesome grilled oysters. I would never make a trip to NOLA without eating some.

    I second Commander's Palace for lunch and Willie May's for fried chicken. And I highly recommend Juan's Flying Burrito if you guys want some Tex-Mex.
  4. Port of Call for burgers, definitely. They use ground steak.

    Central Grocery for muffelatas. Get it to go and eat by the river.

    Brennan's for original bananas foster.

    Get Red Beans & rice somewhere. It's delicious.

    Fried oyster po-boys if you've never had; they will change your life.
  5. Those are a definite must! I also like the raw oysters from Acme's
  6. My one "must do" is always the coffee and begniet's at Cafe du Monde. Perhaps a bit touristy, but the location is phenominal. Do you believe I once wrote a poem about Cafe du Monde! ... really just that good. New Orleans is a city of incredible food, enjoy!
  7. I came to post my favorites, but it seems everyone else agrees with me:biggrin:
    Acme, Cafe du Monde, Mother's are my top 3!
  8. Just to chime in again ...
    I went to Port o Call last night. Burgers were just ok. I expected more for a $12 cheeseburger and baked potato. And they aren't ground steak, just plain old ground beef. I asked the server. Lol.
    Honestly, go to Camelia Grill or Clover Grill. Clover Grill cooks the burger under a Cadillac hubcap. And if you go to Camelia Grill, definitely take the streetcar. It's a pretty ride up St. Charles.
  9. What a letdown! I wonder if Port of Call changed hands or something. The burgers used to be made from steak; you could watch them grind it!
    For that price, I'd rather have an oyster poboy or barbeque shrimp!
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions guys! I can't wait to try all this yummy food!!
  11. Port of Call is just alright, I agree. I can't get down with the damned Bacos on the potato! You can get a bag of Hormel Bacon Pieces for $1.86! I've never been to Snug Harbor, though (I'm a bad local) and I've heard they're much better.

    Tourists LOVE Commander's but a lot of locals will opt for Galatoire's instead.

    Oh, and it's Willie Mae's (with an 'e', not 'y', like the baseball player LOL) Scotch House.
  12. Love to sit at the bar at Acme for the raw oysters.

    Shrimp and grits at Nola was really good, too.
  13. Wow...that is disappointing. It's been a few years since I've been there.
    In that case, I vote for Clover Grill for not just breakfast, but burgers too!
  14. I can't believe no one has recommended Kpaul's Kitchen. You need a reservation. Have the gumbo. It is unbelievable. I would travel to NO just for that.
  15. Kpaul's is good, but you can find great gumbo all over Louisiana.
    For really great gumbo and fried seafood, you have to come to Lafayette!