NEW ORLEANS! tips - questions - advice

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  1. It would be for me. I've never been, even before the hurricane hit, so I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in how it's changed.

  2. Caxe - you should go! Great city with lots of history especially if you like the scarey, creepy history. We did the Vampire tour and had a blast!
  3. That would interest me a lot, actually, the Vampire tour. I'm into that kind of thing. :tup: I am also VERY interested in seeing the burial place of Mme Marie Laveau, among other stuff. But that's another story. LOL.
  4. I went in 2007 and had a wonderful time. I wouldn't mind going back. Check it out! :tup:
  5. I went last fall for 5 days with my boyfriend and we loved it there! We loved the food, the music, and the people. New Orleans has a wonderful culture. We took a Katrina tour, and the tour guides said that the tourism is helping New Orleans get back on its feet, though there are still many places affected by Katrina that are abandoned and neglected. Overall, we would go back.
  6. ITA with the French Quarter. I've been there around 2002-2003 during a roadtrip and it was a lot of fun. The food was delicious too!
  7. If you like food and jazz, definitely worth it. The French Quarter, the Marigny, and the Maple Leaf uptown on Tuesday nights. Bourbon Street is a skip, tourist trap from end to end.
  8. You should definitely go! There is plenty to do and see here.
  9. New Orleans is just fabulous. It may be the worst city ever for wearing heels out and about though!
  10. I would say two nights is about all you need in NO. Any longer and it becomes a bit dull unless you like to listen to music and party.

    They have some amazing (albeit expensive) antique shops that are fun to browse if you are into that.

    If you do go, I HIGHLY recommend eating at Paul Prudomme's restaurant. (K- Pauls' Kitchen). It is out of this world. Get the gumbo. It is the best I have ever tasted on earth. I would totally go to NO JUST for that.
  11. There is a lot more to do in NO than party!
    The French Quarter is fun, but definitely get out a bit. Spend a day uptown/ in the Garden District. Magazine Street is lined with shops and restaurants, walk around the Garden District to see the beautiful homes (Sandra Bullock just bought one) and finish up with a cocktail on the big porch of the Columns Hotel.
    There are really great restaurants, make sure to do some research and avoid the touristy French Quarter ones.
  12. yes, there are so many great places to eat here you could eat someplace different every day of the year.
  13. Go to the bar in the Monteleone Hotel. Also, check out the French Market.

    Nola has great shrimp and grits. Yummy!
  14. I am actually going in a few weeks with a few other people for a long weekend trip! I have never been before, but I think New Orleans seems like a great place, with a ton of culture. You guys should go!
  15. I'm going with a small group to New Orleans soon, and was wondering what were some "must go to" places to eat in the NO area, or any great restaurants in general. Any recommendations would be great!