NEW ORLEANS! tips - questions - advice

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  1. #16 Jun 21, 2008
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2008
    I've stayed at the Iberville Suites. They're in the Quarter and I would stay there again. It's pretty nice and it is shares a block with two other boutique hotels. I think they were more on the expensive side, but I can't remember exactly what it cost.
    While I was going through my move into my current apartment, I stayed at the Drury Inn and Suites on Poydras. I cannot say enough nice things about the hotel. The staff is wonderful and extremely helpful. The price is great and the location is too. The rooms are nice, always clean. It isn't a luxury hotel, so definitely bring all of your toiletries. It's about two blocks from the French Quarter and very close to the streetcar line if you want to take a ride through the Garden District.
  2. (.............just lost my whole post :rant:)

    Thanks for the recommedations zophie, huong, twinkly, cakegirl & aklein!

    This is my relaxing, adventure in a new destination vacation as I wanted to stay in the states b/c DH isn't able to come so I'm on a one woman mission. :lol:

    cakegirl, I am definately coming! I found this great hotel in the Arts District :yes:

    I was reading Foder's Travel Guide today and they recommended Michaul's on St. Charles for dining. Yea? Nea?

    Also found a brunch dish I though sounded interesting - Eggs Sardou. Where to get?

    Other thoughts? Recommendations?


  3. If you are looking for a nice brunch, I would recommend Ralph's on the Park. It is located just across the street from City Park and the view is awesome. The service is great too.
    I know that you mentioned you wanted to go shopping and the places listed are great. I would also recommend you check out the amazing music scene here. There are tons of places to listen to great jazz, brass even funk bands. Even if that isn't really your thing, it is part of the New Orleans experience.
  4. I also stayed at the Iberville Suites which was great. They are owned by the Ritz Carlton and I got a really good price when I booked there last May (about 90$ a night) which included breakfast every morning. It is literally like a 1 minute walk away from Bourbon Street and is across the street from a really great seafood restaurant (I forgot the name but I think it had Dean in the name) that wasn't overly expensive.
  5. Thanks Carmen & aklein :yes:

    Off the check out Ralph's website.

    aklein, what would you recommend as far as contemporary jazz venues?
  6. My DH and I got married in NOLA three years ago next month. We went back post-Katrina for the first time not this April but the April before to visit Tulane for law school admissions stuff and we had a fabulous time. It is still a beautiful city that needs people to come visit, have a great time, and inject money into the local economy.

    We have stayed several times at the Historic French Market Inn which is a wonderful place - as long as you don't get stuck in the six or so dumpy rooms they have in the back (just check in early and let them know you want a nice room close to the front). It is a great NOLA set up, with a cute courtyard area and most of the rooms have lovely bathrooms and beautiful decor.

    I have also been to many great restaurants in the quarter and beyond and IMO it is always really helpful to ask your concierge for info - they will be HAPPY to steer you toward the more interesting and less touristy places if you tell them that is your goal.

    I hope you enjoy your vacay in New Orleans - as you can probably see from my post it is an amazing city that will never leave your heart!
  7. The Ambassador is a pretty good walk from the French Quarter. If it is your first visit to New Orleans, I'd really recommend staying in the Quarter. The Dauphine Orleans is a very nice hotel as is the Royal Sonesta.
    Definitely try to go to Central Grocery on Decatur St. and get a Muffaletta (if you love olives, this is a must).
    Brennan's makes an awesome Banana's Foster.
    Also, LUSH is on Decatur st. If you are lucky and have a store in your locale, this is not exciting, but it's a must stop whenever we go to NO.
    The Aquarium has reopened and the cutest sea otters are there.
    Also the Saks has LV, Fendi & Chanel. :smile: Just saying.....
  8. Last time I was there was pre-katrina but stayed at the Bourbon Orleans it was awesome! loved happy hour :smile:
  9. We stayed at the Monteleone last time in Nola and the time before was the International which was wonderful. It is a couple of blocks off the Quarter but not too far. In fact, if we were to go back that's where we would stay.
    We loved the bar at the Monteleone and Acme Oyster House and of course, Cafe Du Monde. We also went to NOLA and love it. Shrimp and grits were wonderful. Lots of great bars and music. Don't miss Lafitte's for a drink

    New Orleans is a great city and so much fun to visit. We found the people to be so friendly and we really wanted to go enjoy our time and contribute to the economy after Katrina! Did a good job of that! Anyway, I love the city and the energy and people!! Have a great time there!
  10. alannamendy, Kitsunegrl, sphere99 & kroquet, thank you all for your sugesstions :yes:

    Definately plan to stop at Cafe Du Monde, I hear its a must for any NO trip.

    Kitsunegrl, you said there's LV there?! :yahoo: There goes any budget I may have been thinking of :lol:

    DH wants me to bring pics of the Aquariam back for him so I suppose I'll be going there too.

    alannamendy, I will definately ck w/the concierge to find the "less touristy" places as I'm trying to avoid that on this trip.
  11. New Orleans is a great place! :smile: When I used to live in Mississippi we often took day trips down there. Sorry, can't help with the hotel stuff, but there is some GREAT shopping down there - and I'm sure there's even more now than there was when I was down there about 6 years ago :nuts:
  12. Hey guys, I know this is really last minute, but I'm having a difficult time planning what to bring with me on my trip to New Orleans. I'll be there for a week from Feb 15-20. My question is what do girls usually wear out to bars at night? is it more casual than dressy? I'll be staying in the French Quarter. What kind of shoes should I bring? Has it been cold lately? Any suggestions would be wonderful. TIA!!
  13. The weather has been very mild lately, in the high 60s. I've been fine running around during the day in a skirt and short sleeves. But it does get pretty chilly at night, so if you're going to be walking around at night, I would recommend jeans and a light sweater. And since you are staying the whole week, probably a light coat just in case there are some random really cold nights. New Orleans weather can be a bit all over the map this time of year.

    In terms of wardrobe - it depends on where you are going. If you're talking about clubs on Bourbon, you can get away with being casual, but most girls will dress up. Going out dressing up, though. Like nice jeans with a sexy top, or fun little dresses. Definitely not a very trendy/fashionable area. But also not like a small town bar, where everyone is just wearing their regular clothes.
    If you are going to the "nice" clubs like Metro (also downtown), then it's a similar wardrobe, but you can't really get away with casual clothes there. Those type of clubs tend not to be tourist spots, though.

    Since you're coming during Mardi Gras, things are likely to be a lot more casual anyway. A lot of really drunk people in jeans rolling straight into the bars after the parades end.
  14. I just got back from NOLA--wild Valentines weekend--my only suggestion is layering (like the suggestion above) and flat, closed toed shoes, because your feet will hurt and be filthy otherwise
  15. If you will be walking Bourbon street at all during those times, I suggest buying shoes from Payless or something that you can throw out when you leave. When I say it is disgusting, I don't mean it is just dirty water. It is everything imaginable on the ground coupled with all the trash and food and everything else that you will step in no matter how hard you try to avoid it.