NEW ORLEANS! tips - questions - advice

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  1. It's ok. We went two years ago. It has a great location, but the walls are very thin and many of the rooms are tiny.
  2. Another vote for the Monteleone, stayed the one time I visited the city. I spent the best days of my life in New Orleans!

    The hotel was charming, really old though. I felt like I time-travelled. I can't say much more about it, didn't really spend time at the hotel :biggrin:
  3. Definitely no risk of it being a ghost town! Went to school there for 4 years and the downtown area always had a good amount of people. Mardi Gras is just unbearably crowded so if you go in March/April you are fine.
  4. We just returned from a 3 night stay at the Omni Royal Orleans and highly recommend it. The location cannot be beat. It's on Royal at St Louis which is one block from Bourbon, two blocks from Jax square and a block and half from Decatur. Service was impeccable.

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  5. The Soniat House, The Ritz, Windsor Court
    For good, but a little less pricey, Lowes or the Monteleone.
  6. You've probably been there and returned but I want to +1 for the Monteleone!
  7. Hey all

    My boyfriend is heading off on an 8 week trip of the US soon (from Australia) and will be spending his birthday in New Orleans. I want to try and organise something for him to do as a present. Maybe a tour or adventure-style thing?

    Does anyone have any ideas? I've tried looking on lonely planet and tourism websites but most stuff seems aimed at an older crowd?

    Would greatly appreciate any tips people could offer!
  8. They have haunted area tours and tours of the swamp with gators, Saints game, LSU game? For young people, New Orleans is really just a party town to be honest. Maybe try to rent him a balcony on Bourbon or in the quarter, out of towners seem to love that.
  9. I'm headed to New Orleans in a couple weeks. I'll be staying in the French Quarter.
    Does anyone have any restaurant recommendations?
    I'm also looking for a good BBQ place.
  10. My DH was born in NoLa and we visit several times a year. We are visiting again in March. Here are my recommendations. We don't hang out in the quarter so most of my recos will require a rental car. Check on the status of the street car line. It was closed for repair when we were there last in September.

    • Cochon
    • Cochon Butcher (casual dining by same chef owner)
    • Drago's for chargrilled oysters (the original in Metaire out by the airport is better than DT
    • Domilise's and Parkway Tavern for Po Boys (cash only at Domilise's)
    • Atchafalaya (they have a great brunch with a bloody mary bar)
    • The Joint for BBQ
    • Camellia Grill (the original on Carrolton; its a greasy spoon but a NoLa original)
    • Casamentos or Acme for oysters
    • Creole Creamery for ice cream
    If you are a fashionista, there is an amazing discount store in the quarter called UAL (United Apparel Liquidators). On my last visit I scored a fab $1400 Armani dress for $399.
  11. This maybe be too late but go to K-pauls' Kitchen. He invented blackened stuff and his gumbo is outstanding. I would make a whole trip to NO just for that.
  12. So glad I found this thread, I'm going there in a few weeks to visit Tulane and Loyola. I'm going to be staying in the French Quarter but I'm wondering if I should rent a car to visit the universities? Some people have been saying that I should just take the streetcar but I'm kinda nervous since I've never taken public transportation before.
  13. Definitely just take the streetcar! Don't be too nervous about using the streetcar. It's very easy and not scary at all. Loyola and Tulane are right on the line and very easy to navigate from the streetcar. Bonus is that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful homes along St. Charles on your commute. I think renting a car would be more trouble than it's worth especially if you're planning only to be in the French Quarter and the Garden District.
  14. Thanks for the reply! You defiantly eased my worries! :smile:
  15. I have to share some of this great advise with my hubby, he is leaving for New Orleans in a few weeks for the Wrestle Mania event :smile: