NEW ORLEANS! tips - questions - advice

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  1. I've been in March and April and it was hopping! If you time it for St. Paddy's day there is a great parade going through the Quarter that is a lot of fun and let's you get a bit of the Mardi Gras experience without the heavy crowds.

    Oh, and March is also Spring Break for most you'll get a bunch of college kids at night. We were there midweek and LSU was on it was a bit crazy!

    Hotels: I really enjoyed the Monteleone...not right on Bourbon, but a block over on a little quieter :smile: They have a great carousel bar in the lobby.
  2. I went before katrina (unfortunately, have not been back since) with my G-Pa, Dad, and Aunt (aunt's a nurse, G-Pa was in his 80s, arthritic with heart problems.)

    Really, it was an amazing time. My G-Pa had dreamt of going to NO, but my G-Ma had always said she wouldn't or that it was too wild. Even he said my Grandmother would've enjoyed it; and it was a great time. Go, go, go.

    We went in late April, and I found Vegas a hell of a lot more wild (and dare I say it, trashier rather than hopping... on weekends).
  3. I went there last year right at the beginning of April (I think), and there were definitely plenty of people. While I was there (for an academic conference), the French Quarter Festival was going on, so there were plenty of things to see/do.

    Definitely avoid staying in the French Quarter if you're a laid back couple. My friend and I are late 20s/early 30s and the French Quarter at night was more than we could handle. I was glad we were a few blocks away so we didn't have to deal with the crowds/noise at night.
  4. I agree with the noise....however, we were over on Royal on St. Paddy's and we could hear a bit of noise, but it wasn't enough to prevent me from sleeping. If you're a really light sleeper, however, it could be a problem though.
  5. Hi!
    The months you choose to come down will still have plenty to do. French quarter fest should be middle of April, jazz fest will be end of april and st paddy day parade in march! I recommend French quarter fest bc it's free and has great food and music!
    As for hotels... I never stayed In the French quarter but usually stay down canal st. So can't really help you there.
  6. Thanks everyone! We're laid back but we'd still be part of the night crowds in the French Quarter. haha

    This is being pushed back even further... Vegas instead. I bit the bullet and bought a package already. :smile:
  7. French Quarter Festival is great, there is a walking tour of gardens that are normally not open to the public, or even visible from the street.

    Hope you make it to NO soon, SL :tup:
  8. I'm headed there in may for my hubby's best friend's law school grad school graduation and was wondering what the best hotels are? Any suggestions will help!

  9. Oops! I just meant law school!!
  10. I've stayed at the Hotel Monteleone on Royal Street. Nice hotel, great lobby bar ( a rotating carousel) and just a block away from Bourbon Street. It's not horribly expensive either.
  11. Depends on what you are looking for...
    I will say that the Doubletree on Canal is a dump and not worth the price at all. Yuck...

    My favorite hotel to date has been the Dauphine Orleans. The rooms are all different shapes and sizes, some have balconies, and they have an excellent complimentary breakfast in a very pleasant room that invites you to linger. There is a small library and bar and close to many restaurants.
  12. I'm sure you will have fun wherever you go! It seems like it is always a fun time
  13. I love the Hotel Monteleone. Great hotel, good location. The location is 1 short block from Bourbon St but not all the noise of Bourbon St. The bar makes some great drinks. :graucho:
  14. The best, as in the most luxurious? Ritz-Carlton, the Roosevelt, and the Loews come to mind. My favorite of the three is the Ritz, but the Loews has the best restaurant and the Roosevelt has the best bar. The Windsor Court is old, but considered high-end. Mid-range hotels that aren't horrible would be the Westin, Omni Royal Orleans, and the Intercontinental.
  15. I had a good experience at the Bourbon-Orleans, but that was quite a while ago, so I am not sure if it is still as nice as it was.