New Orleans Riverwalk Coach Outlet

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  1. I will be in New Orleans later this month and I will be staying in the French Quarter but attending a conference at the convention center and I won't have a car.

    I read that the Riverwalk mall has a Coach outlet and that it is near to the convention center but how close is it? I will be working at the conference and will not have much free time but I might try to run over there if close by.

    Is it a nice outlet?
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    I think it's a pretty good haul from the Morial convention center to the Riverwalk. It is a shorter walk from much of the French Quarter (i.e., if you're close to Canal St, it's not a bad walk). I haven't been to the Riverwalk outlet in a long time (I keep being too busy when I get the chance to go home), but all of the Riverwalk shops used to be pretty nice. Hopefully, someone who's been there more recently can help. :smile:

    ETA: If you need transportation while you're down there, check to see if the streetcar goes where you want to go (and that they are still running when you want to go back). The streetcar is inexpensive, and great for adventuring. Cabs are wicked expensive.
  4. Hi,

    I go to N.O. about every 3 months, specifically to the convention center. The convention center is HUGE so even though it is right next door to the River Walk, how CLOSE you are depends on what hall(s) your meetings will be held. Think of it like this, Hall A is closest to the River Walk. In short, you can definitely walk to the RIVER WALK from both your hotel as well as the convention center as they are all close together.

    The River Walk will be a nice treat and the COACH store is an average size but the folks there are really nice. Be sure to check out Pa Pa's pralines...they are the BEST!

  5. Thanks for the information!
  6. My husband was just there working at the convention center this week and mentioned seeing the Coach store. It is right there within walking distance. He did NOT bring me back goodies from there, but he did bring back some world famous beignets from Cafe Du Monde. Be sure to go. There is a sandwich shop he loved right there called cuchon Butcher.
  7. Katev, with as much talk about food as the Coach store, I think you're going to have a yummylicious time. lol