New Orleans Meet??

  1. I know there arn't many Louisiana peeps here.. but come on this would be fun!! Anyone in??

    Anyone is Southern MS close to New Orleans?
  2. what?? Noone?? :crybaby:
  3. I'm in New Orleans. I just noticed this post. There have to be at least a couple more people in this area I think.
  4. I live in Metairie, but work downtown. I am always in NOLA
  5. YAY! We're getting people!!! haha
  6. I know for a fact they have a few more people in NOLA! I am pretty much game any weekend except for May 24-31. I will be outlet shopping in Orlando!
  7. Did you guys every have your meet???
  8. Nope, we never met. I think we last left that we were trying to get more people...
  9. I live on the Westbank!
  10. That's five people so far right?
  11. Yep- I know there are more Louisiana people or maybe some from Gulfport. I thought there was 8-10 of us on here...
  12. How do we get others attention, do you think maybe they don't wanna meet?
  13. I'm in Baton Rouge, I'd love to join you when you do a get together!
  14. Wow, I'm seeing more and more people from the area recently. What happened to krmkjk? We were talking about meeting near our birthday on May 23 (have the same bday) and then it never happened.
  15. I work Uptown.

    Anyone want to organize a meetup?