New Orleans, LA

  1. Hey guys. I was just wondering how everyone feels about new orleans. Do you still think about what happened or have you kinda forgotten about it? Do you think it should rebuild? What do you think about the people that live there?

    Im 14, and ive lived here (new orleans) all my life....but I think im moving to north carolina this summer because my family (including me) does not want to stay here.

    what are your opinions?
  2. I don't forget about it because my husband goes there to work sometimes, just as the other regions that were hit just as bad.
    I think the citizens hold the key to the prosperity and eventual outcome of that city.
  3. Even though I live in Cali, my heritage and extended family is from Baton Rouge and we talk about Katrina and N.O. all the time. We discuss how it's a shame that the properties are not being rebuilt and that eventually big corporations and others are going to come in and change the demographics of N.O. and those that are going to want to come back won't be able to afford to come back. So if you can, move if you have to, but if you can afford to, hold onto your property for dear life. Land is precious. Look at California. It's crazy out here.
  4. Interesting that you brought New Orleans up- I just got through making an incredible cajun "sticky chicken" with "dirty rice" tonight for Father's Day. I love the cooking from there. My husband used to live in New Orleans, and it brings back happy memories of a great old city.
  5. It still shakes me up...the devastion truly has blown my mind. Its like almost unbelievable. I have thought about going over a few times to just to of me thinks I could not cope...(cowardly really) I could not imagine that kind of fear, loss, on and on...I know how much devastation Key west had last year during was a mess and it was no near what they went thru...I pray we all have a managable hurricane season.
    SO, I have not
  6. I think about it all the time. We suffered the loss of a loved one near Biloxi. I still feel the terror, and the frustration (beyond that...the incredible injustice) of what the people there went through. You are very brave ahs483...the world hasn't forgotten you.
  7. rebuilding is a tough question...I don't have an answer for that one.
  8. I don't think people have "forgotten" about NO, however, you can't deny that its obviously out of the news lately. I have friends that are rebuilding homes still in LA, and as far as I'm concerned, we still have a very active fundraising campaign at our school called the "Katrina Project" where we're raising money to rebuild the library.

    My bf is actually from NO and although his house was only slightly damaged since he lived on the west bank, his other friends' houses have all been destroyed. They're currently living in other cities, or rented property, but their resolve to stay has never been stronger. The nightlife is just about back to its former glory, and there has never been a better time to show support for your own hometown.
  9. I think everytime "hurricane" is mentioned, it brings up visions of the news footage we all saw from New Orleans. Its something that very few of us will ever forget. I feel horrible for what those people went through and are still going through. Many are still, to this day, still living in tents. Its unreal how that can be when our country helps so many others in other countries. :sad:
  10. I definately still think about the diaster of Hurricane Katrina. I'm astounded that more hasn't been done to help the residents of the affected areas, along w/ rebuilding. Our govt. needs to step up to the plate and take care of the citizens of our country, better late than never.
  11. I, too, have heritage from the Gulf coast. I have mixed feelings about New Orleans. Before Katrina, NOLA was rife with crime, corruption and poverty. It's hard to explain unless you'd been there, but people just lived off the grid, sort of cut off from reality in some respects, which is why so many people did not want to leave their homes or died. (Watch the movie "A love song for Bobby Long" and you can get a little bit of an idea) Watching the coverage of the aftermath of the hurricane was heartbreaking. But by the same token, we cannot allow that city to be rebuilt if there is a chance this can happen again. Innocent people cannot EVER be endangered that way in the future. I have a good friend who is in the clergy and she visited NOLA recently. She said it was straight out of "Mad Max". She said there were homeless people everywhere, sleeping under overpasses and in battered tents. She said she was afraid for her safety when she was there. Today the Mayor of NOLA asked for the National Guard to come in and restore order as there has been an extreme increase in street fighting amongst gangs the past few weeks. NOLA is a historical gem and for that reason we can't allow lawlessness to take hold there again either.
  12. The people of New Orleans will make sure their fine city will not be lost. When I return in October, I'm sure the city will be clicking along as it always has.
  13. I remember the terror of when the night fell, imagining what it was like in NO. I couldn't sleep. I just watched the news all night praying for some evidence of help. How terrifying. That can never happen again.