New Orleans: good place to live?

  1. I will be moving to the United States later this year and New Orleans is one of the places to which I can move (I've been accepted to a school there). I've heard a ton of horror stories about New Orleans post-Katrina though, so I am hesitant. At the same time, I'm afraid that the stories of crime are blown out of proportion and that if you don't go to the bad areas you don't risk anything.

    Do any of you live in New Orleans or know how things really are there now? Would you move there? Is it really as dangerous as the rumors suggest?

    I'd really appreciate any input! :yes:
  2. What are your other choices? :smile:
  3. According to this article the murder rate is 10xs the national average, so yes, violent crime is a big problem, then again up until December I lived in Philadelphia where we have an average of 1 murder per day and yet I managed to get out alive:

    It's a city that was destroyed two years ago, and along with that comes more crime, higher prices on houses, etc.

    I don't think it would be my first choice of places to move if I could move anywhere in the U.S., but then again my boss' daughter lives down there and loves it. You'd probably be better off coming to visit the area first (if you haven't already) & then deciding.
  4. So far my other options are Arlington, VA; Gainesville, Florida; and Athens, GA.
  5. I don't know much about the other cities, but I'd vote for Arlington! You'd be about 15 minutes from Washington DC, where there tons of cool places and things to do.
  6. New Orleans has an incredibly high crime rate. People are leaving there in droves just because it is no longer safe to live there. I'd vote for Athens, GA because it is a great college town and the cost of living will be cheaper than Arlington, VA.

    Also, the crime stats for New Orleans are not exaggerated. If you are coming from France, you are already accustomed, maybe unbeknownst to you, to a lower rate of violent crime. America, in general, is a much more violent place than France. So keeping that in mind, NOLA is even MORE VIOLENT than that, even by American standards.
  7. Hi!

    My sister lives in New Orleans. She is also going to school there; at Loyola. You know, everybody is mentioning so much about the crime, but honestly, it's not that bad. Just don't go into the bad neighborhoods. The bad areas are downtown. My sister lives uptown by (or in) the Garden District. When she evacuated New Orleans because of Katrina, everybody was hearing horror stories about homeless breaking into the homes of people who have evacuated and living there, but when she returned, her place was untouched. It wasn't even damaged by Katrina and nobody tried to break in. I'll admit it may be unsafe to wander around at night by yourself, but as long as you are in a group, no one will bother you.
  8. There is definitely crime here in New Orleans and we do not have enough law enforcement, as many people have left this city. With that being said, many of the criminals have also left the city. It does depend on where you live. There are places in uptown NO that are just as dangerous as other parts of the city.

    Katrina has changed this city. And the rebuilding has been very slow. But there are positive things happening in the city for its residents that the national news groups do not pick up on. I work for a bank and underwrite commercial loans. I have seen a lot of progress and businesses want to rebuild here.

    Maybe you can consider living on the outskirts of NO? I live in Metairie, about 10 minutes from downtown New Orleans. I feel very safe living in Metairie. But again, it really depends on where you are in the Metairie as well. I am in New Orleans every day and also do alot of activities in the city.

    I personally love this city and the people who live here. It was a challenge when we first got back to the city, but it has gotten better.

    I would come down for a visit if you are seriously considering moving here or anywhere. PM me if you want and I can provide more details or help. I can also show you around and help with housing.
  9. Gosh...I hate to bag on a city I don't even live in and possibly dissude you from something you might enjoy. But, since you asked for personal opinions, I'll say that I've only vacationed there...and I LOVE it...the culture, the history, the food...all of it. BUT...I can only stand it for 3 days max...then I'm out of there. I would never consider moving there...but...that's such a reflexion of my personality.
    Maybe...if you shared a bit more about the lifestyle you enjoy leading...if you party, if you don't...just a rounded summary of your likes/dislikes....we could see if it would be a better fit.
    Good luck though...!
  10. I love New Orleans, but I could not in good conscience advise a person moving to America for the first time to make the Crescent City their #1 pick. For a student, I would definitely vote for Athens or Gainesville, both of which will allow you to explore America slowly-I believe NOLA should be supported in every way, but again there is going to be enough culture shock for you wherever you wind up, don't take on too much-bon chance!
  11. If I were you, I would not hesitate on Arlington, VA!:yes: It is close to so many major US cities such as Baltimore, MD, Philadelphia, PA, and New York City, plus Washington DC about 10 minutes away. The shopping is great and you'll never run out of things to do. I haven't been to the other three choices, but from what I know about them and their location, Arlington,VA is definitely what I'd go for. There are so many different kinds of people in that area, since it's near the nation's capital, and you can really experience America there. Bonne chance avec tout!!
  12. I actually just moved from New Orleans. Ive lived there for the past 15 years (since i was born, im 16 now). (oh and we lived IN THE CITY, not the outskirts like metaire or anything...uptown to be specific!) My family moved to Missouri after katrina. To be honest, i would not suggest moving there. Dont get me wrong, I absoloutly LOVE new orleans, but I didnt want to live there after katrina. I found it to be quite depressing, seeing tons of empty, deserted houses and such. The city is great, but its quite a mess (IMO) And to be honest, i think it will take at least 10 years before its back to being somewhat normal. Hope i helped
  13. oh and one more thing....I did NOT feel safe there AT ALL. Even though i lived in a pretty safe area, i still was scared to walk my dog around after like 530 and i always locked my car and made sure that i didnt leave anything important to me in it....i also made sure all the doors and windows were locked and such
  14. Aside from the crime level, New Orleans is incredibly hot and humid 8 months out of the year.

    If I were you, I would choose Arlington. Washington DC is a major US city with fantastic museums, galleries, performance venues, and sophisticated citizens.

    Good luck!
  15. By the way

    I should have stated in my recent post that I LOVE New Orleans.

    There is no other city like it in the US. The jazz, the food, the ambience, the culture, the fashion.

    French, Cajun, American - no blend can explain the marvelous culture of New Orleans.

    If it weren't for the heat and crime, I would definitely move there. The heat and crime make NO a vacation destination for me.