NEW ORLEANS CL lovers please HELP

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  1. I am so beyond UPSET!!! :sad: :sad: :sad:

    Please Please let me know if you have a wonderful SA in New Orleans as its my last chance for my dream wedding shoe!

    My story,

    My dream for my wedding is a signed pair of CLs, i could actually care less about the dress, lol so imagine my joy in hearing Msr Louboutin was signing this month.

    I contacted Houston and talked to an SA, picked out a shoe, gave her my card info and she was going to get my shoe signed for me as an absentee since I live in Asia. So imagine my shock when I wake up this morning, couple of hours after the signing to ask when she was shipping them that it never actually got signed.

    I could cry right now, something was wrong with the credit card, sometimes it happens with international cards, so my order did not go through.

    Please help
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    What do you want us to do ? lol sign them for you?! :wlae:

    I think he will only sign one shoe at a time for each person?

    PS you might get more help if you post this in the "Wheres Mr. Christian Louboutin" thread.
  3. Oh and PS make sure you call your bank/Credit card company first if you do find someone!! I always have to do that when I order from out of the country, make sure you let them know the transaction is going to be going thru and how much it is for!
  4. Diana if you read the first couple of sentences, i state very clearly that I was looking for a New Orleans SA. Not all SAs are equal and I trust a TPF recommended SA more than calling in and just getting anyone. I actually thought I had already posted in the "Where" thread.
    I was not looking to get anyone to sign mine for me. I don't think that was called for.
    Thank you to all the wonderful ladies that PMd me and offered their SAs

  5. Not to be a Debbie downer, but in reality Dianabanana's suggestion of having someone "sign them for you" is actually your only chance right now. From what I've heard about the New Orleans signing he may not be doing any pre-signing. If your shoe isn't pre-signed you MUST physically have someone there to sign it, an SA can't do this for you. This late in the game there is NO CHANCE your shoe is getting pre-signed. At the Houston signing they were incredibly strict about 1pair/person and there had to be a physical person there at the signing.

    Your best bet at this point is to ask a kind tpfer to physically get your shoes signed otherwise it won't happen :sad:.
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    No clearly ur not understanding correctly, as the person below ur comment stated at this time, so last minute, having someone get ur shoe signed is ur best bet sweet heart that's what I meant. ..... So defensive ...I actually tried helping u :lecture::pokey:

    good luck either way I really do hope u get ur wedding shoes signed.
  7. Oh I hope you're able to get your shoes signed dear! I know there was a specific SA who was getting shoes signed for her clients but she was in Boston and that signing has already passed. Are you sure he is not going to be international after this? Like maybe he is doing a world tour and not just the US? I hope you're able to find someone!
  8. I am definitely more sensitive than I ever usually would be I hope you understand. My offense was to the following comment. I was upset at the lols and ?! Considering I was asking for help and reaching out to fellow tpfers.
    "What do you want us to do ? lol sign them for you?! :wlae:

    Aegis, thank you! I really hope so too. I would be willing to fly out to any Asian or European country for a signing, the States was just too far to travel for a signing. I am going to call boutiques in Asia and check. :sad: trying to keep my mind off the fact that I lost out on my shoe. Its like losing out on your preferred wedding location or dress. At least thats how it feels to me. Sounds kind of silly actually writing it out. Lol
  9. I want to thank a fellow tpfer who so kindly offered her signed shoe to me. It was such an amazing offer, we don't wear the same size and I honestly wouldn't have felt comfortable doing it. But, Just the fact she offered her signed CL made everything better, the idea that a stranger would care enough to do such an act of kindness.
    Thank you so much, and you know who you are ;)
  10. Sorry I'm a bit confused though. I know most ladies who bought shoes for the event were charged this past Friday or Saturday for them. Was your SA just being irresponsible and didn't tell you earlier that your sale hadn't gone through? If that is the case I do have an SA at the NOLA Saks that I use sometimes for chargesends and when I'm in town. If your Houston SA did screw you over by not informing you earlier (before Wednesday morning) that your card didn't go through I think you may be able to explain it to my SA and he might be able to sneak yours into pre-signing? I'm not sure, I got a pair from a previous collection signed as they are going to be my wedding shoes and I had to pull a lot of strings with my Houston SA to make it happen. Essentially they're being incredibly strict with this signing series.

    Let me know if that was the case and if you need his contact info and I'll forward it along. I hope this works.
  11. Champir, thank you for your offer. Yes, please PM me the info. My fiancee was handling everything and talked to an SA in Houston about it. She said she would get it signed got the spelling of my name down to informing Msr that it was for a wedding etc.
    I am not even sure myself what could have gone wrong :cry:
  12. Your SA totally dropped the ball on you and should have informed your fiance right away if there was a problem with the transaction, IMO the SA in Houston that your fiance was dealing with should be on the phone with another SA or manager in NOLA making this happen for you. I would contact the management at the Houston store and tell them your grievances.
  13. No worries, things always sound differently than when typed lol ... I really do wish you the best though :sad: ... I agree with what Nani said. I would call management and complain because thats a pretty big deal. She should have definatley called you right away to let you know it didnt go through!
  14. Did you have any luck? I'm going today to the signing, but they are being very strict. Each SA in women's shoes had a few slots that they could use to get shoes pre signed. They are all filled or close to filled from what I understood yesterday. The presiging was to be done this morning (I was told) so I think the door probably closed. Wouldn't hurt to call and see when they open in 40 minutes. (504)524-2200.
  15. Thank you everyone :smile: Will keep everyone updated. Fingers crossed :biggrin: