New Orion belt in natural Barenia

  1. Hello Everyone,

    For those who enjoy natural Barenia leather, please sample the new Orion belt with palladium buckle on your next H visit. It comes in natural Barenia with contrast white topstitch. You could wear it as a belt on the waist or wrap it around your wrist as a bracelet. You could also use it as a decorative accessory and tie it around a folded blanket to take to the beach or picnic in the countryside. It is a fun accessory to have with unlimited ways of use.

  2. That belt is at least as much toy as accessory. I'm going to start looking for one. It's wonderful!
  3. Thank you to share it Jaegerhomme. It is beautiful. I wish I can find one as well. Your collection is amazing: This belt will be great with your wonderful kelly flat.
  4. Thanks gga and milloo! The barenia feels so velvety to the touch. The natural color and white stitching is such a versatile combinatin that goes well with colors like beige, gray, olive, browns, and white. I like the look of it with linen for summer. It goes well with my gold swift Kelly flat and toile/barenia Birkin. It is one of the accessories one would get a lot of pleasure of using.
  5. How gorgeous
  6. I love that belt, it is perfect!! Thank you so much for continuing to share your impeccable collection with us.
  7. Thank you allaboutnice and MrsM. I am just now beginning to discover the beauty and wonderful attributes of natural barenia. It is a remarkable leather and am very glad Hermes continues to support and promote it in their leather goods.
  8. That's fantastic. Thanks for all those pics!
  9. This is "FUN", a belt can use in so many different ways... :wtf:
    Thank you for sharing w/ us
  10. ^^Thanks for SHARING pictures of your belt, JH!! Congratulations if it's NEW!!:yahoo:

    It looks so simple, but versatile with all the different ways you showed us.

    I always love your pictures. Thank you for your time!
  11. I like how you're able to tie the end around it, when closed...

    Is it still possible to do that when it's worn around the body?

  12. Gorgeous belt! Great pictures once again!
  13. Sooo many cute ways to use it! It's a stunning colour, I don't think I knew what barenia looked like... very nice!
  14. Thanks for all of the pictures...and the info on the amazing ways to wear this belt.
  15. FANTASTIC!!!!!! I love it.......I think this may have to go on my "items I have to have" list. I could see using this many, many times!!!!!!