New organizer pouch

I got one yesterday. I will post pics in a bit. It's a bit heavier than i thought it would be. The SA kept saying, you can carry it as a tote, instead of always a bag organizer, which explains the price and the thickness of it.
Based upon the photos shared by my SA, the Nécessaire seems more like a narrow zippered pouch for organization, rather than a bag insert for support. The shape of the Nécessaire is fairly flat and boat-like, and it doesn’t seem to fill out the inside of the tote. Personally, I don’t find the angled shape of it conducive to being carried alone as a clutch. I passed on it for these reasons, but I’d love to hear input from anyone who does decide to purchase it.
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From Goyard’s Facebook page:

“* A Most Necessary Necessary

In French, “nécessaire” means “necessary”, and also refers to a practical small pouch used to hold all sorts of pocket-sized essentials, from toiletries to sewing accessories.

The perfect accessory to organize your day and your bag, keep its contents safe, or quickly transfer those precious essentials from one bag to another without losing any of them: the Nécessaire organizer pouch by Goyard is tipped to become your most trusted & indispensable everyday companion

** The art of making yourself indispensable: the Necessary cover by Goyard

Organize your day and bag, preserve and protect your essentials to face the day, transfer them from one bag to another without misplacing anything or forgetting: with the Necessary Goyard, you have found the most indispensable accomplice in your daily life.”