NEW Orchid Guccissima Small Cosmetics Case

  1. Hey Guys!!

    I have just ordered the shimmery pink cosmetics case online in the UK.

    Has anyone ever ordered any Gucci products on the Gucci site?!

    It is actually my first time ordering just thought I would ask if anyone had any experiences on online ordering? Because it seems that stores don't order in products you are interested in. And they only order in and customers buy from what availabilty they have?

  2. I have ordered from, in the states though. very quick shippng. Love that case, it is so prettty. congrats.
  3. Very cute! I have ordered online as well, but from the US. I haven't had any problems. Sometimes I prefer it since the bags are untouched and smell better than if I get them in the stores.
  4. So pretty! :nuts: I've never ordered online, so I'm sorry I cannot comment on that.
  5. Congrats, gorgeous color!
  6. Yes I only just opened up this cosmetics case first time today online and thought WOW so damn cute! I saw one in the store but that was the gunmetal version but didn't know they had the pink until I checked online.

    Plus my DH has been complaining that when I get my 'make up case' out my nice handbag it looks really cheap and manky so I guess it was time to get a new one that is designer!!!
  7. WOW...that is so cute...and such a fun color!

  8. so cute, love the color.
  9. Please post pictures when you get it. Its very pretty!!! :smile:
  10. Very Cute! I can't wait to see more up close pics.

    My experience with is their shipping was rather quick so you should be postings pics for us in no time!
  11. The orchid colour is beautiful. Your DH is so sweet for wanting you to upgrade your cosmetic case.
  12. I will definately post as soon as I get it!! I LURVE pink!!
  13. I love the color! I ordered from (in the states) saturday night & I just got the bag today....very fast shipping!
  14. PICS!!:yes::nuts:
  15. love the color!