New orange arrival from the USA ~ only possible coz of a great SA & jag

  1. It's not even a disease. I think I have a shopper gene. And I can hardly stop myself. I saw and I conquered. This is the abridged version.

    The long version is ... I needed inspiration and I found one. After owning my croc KP for awhile, I related to my SA that I have found a brand new goal; to own different KPs in different colours/leathers. I enjoy my croc KP very much, but I was also ready for a second one. I know my local store is working very hard for me to try find me the KP I want and if success is with me, it will arrive in SS2008. I have my fingers crossed.

    Whilst waiting, a thread full of eye candy got my heart fluttering. A lot of "behind the scene" action took place (spare you all the details) including a same-day wire transfer, and with the hand-holding of a great friend, an acquisition was sealed.

    Presenting Ms Havanne Evercalf with GHW.

    This would not have been possible without your help, jag. Thank you.
    Havanne Evercalf KP w GHW.jpg
  2. Wow, wow, wow!!! Congrats, MrsS! I adore havane evercalf and it looks perfect on the KP! Jag, what a total sweetie you are for facilitating the transaction. :heart:
  3. Kudos to Jag and congrats to you mrss!!! It's a beauty...and btw, I have that same gene lol!!
  4. MrsS~~

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!!!!


    :heart:LOVE:heart: the KP!!
    Jag Rocks!!
  5. Thank you, Ninja Sue, shoes & Penny.

    There is a 12 hour time difference between MI and Singapore, and it cannot get more difficult to sort out the logistics. All credit goes to jag who very quickly sorted things out for me. I didn't even had to speak with the SA. jag did it all for me. :p
  6. Yeah, shoes. I knew from a long time ago we have something in common :graucho:
  7. Jag is the best!! That's a true "PF Sister" :smile:
  8. Great work ladies! What a wonderful addition to your collection, mrss!

    Since it's been "awhile" since you got the croc... What, a whole month??
  9. asa, you of all my lovely friends know what 30 calendar days translate to in Hermes measurement. It feels like forever already!
  10. How nice that Jag could help you with this. Your new handbag is lovely enjoy her. Congrats to you.:heart:
  11. That's fast!!:heart::heart:
  12. What a gorgeous new bag! I love the Kelly P!!!
  13. Congrats - MrsS!!! It's beautiful!!!
  14. LOL that's fast.

    Beautiful, MrsS. I do know you have been lusting after GHW! Congrats!
  15. What a beaute!!!! Such a gorgeous and versatile piece! :tup:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Enjoy her!:smile: