New or used?

  1. I'm going to buy a speedy 30, and it will be my first LV purchase. But, I'm not sure if i should buy a new one from eluxury or buy a used one from somewhere else (Ann's faboluous finds, 2nd-handbag, let-trade..etc.) I was wondering which do you guys prefer? New or used?
  2. for a first bag, i say get it new. with time, you can experiment with used bags and such..
  3. New bag as I don't like any used things.
  4. I think it depends on your budget and your patina preference. A pre-loved bag will likely come with some patina, which some people love and others do not. You can get some very nice used bags from a variety of places and save hundreds if that is your preference.

    On a mono bag, I prefer some patina and I don't like bright white new vachetta (it rather scares me!), but I'd like a new damier bag.
  5. I'd say new, especially since it's your first.
  6. I say used. This way you wont feel guilty when you get caught in the rain or snow. Get a feel for the bag to see if you really like it.

    I bought my first used and still found it hard to use in bad weather, never mind if it was new.
  7. If you can afford one, I'd go for new. My second bag I purchased was a used Cabas Piano (my first was a pochette) because I wanted to see if I'd really like carrying around a LV and how well it held up etc. I love the bag I have, but I think one day I'm going to try to sell my used one for a new one, that is if I'm still in love with it in a few years.
  8. I always buy new I cannot bear the thought of anything used!
  9. hmm yeah that's kind of what i was thinking, but my budget isn't too large (I'm 18! :yes: ) haha so im not sure which to do yet!- Have any of you guys bought from any of those places? and how was the service/bag?
  10. I'd go for a new one if you can. Then you can feel the bags and inspect them yourself and know what to look for with future purchases if you decide to buy pre-owned.
  11. It's so hard to buy a used, I always buy new :smile: But it's really what you like!
  12. When I started looking I was searching used.. but my first LV was new.. so I say new. Don't regret my new purchase at all!
  13. I say buy new for your first. Personally I would buy new for anything that is permanent and relatively easy to get. Only used for LE if I can't get it new. That's just me though.
  14. Most definately buy new. You need the experience of owning a brand spanking new one. Then should you venture into the preloved market you will know what to look for in a good buy.
  15. New! New! New!