New or Used...............

  1. I am wondering for those of you who buy bags on e-bay, do you mind if the bags are used or do you prefer to buy them new? I think I prefer mine new. How about you?
  2. I prefer new.. unless it's in some awesome super duper good condition used. xD
  3. I bought a used bag once and it was in wonderful condition. A legacy bag which of course shows wear over time and makes it look more beautiful (IMO).

    I would buy again, for the right price.
  4. NEW! I bought a used Ali off eBay and while she was slightly used, something about it just didnt sit right w/ me so I turned around and sold her....I have TOTALLY regretted that decision, but I shouldnt have bought her on eBay to begin w/ I guess...Unless she was NWT!!!! I just like knowing that NOBODY "used" the bag but ME, even if it was for a short time!!!!
  5. I have bought new and used on eBay. Have never been dissappointed on any purchase. I do ask lots of questions and usually the 'used' bag are listed in 'pristine condition' or used only once or twice and when I get the bag home it looks just like a new bag!! I won a NWTags Cole Haan haircalf bag that retailed for $695...I won for $32.....kind of makes you wonder.....but authentic Cole Haan and the bag was at my local Dilliards for yes, $695.....the SA almost fainted when I showed her the!! I am a Coach girl but could not pass up the gorgeous Cole Haan Hair Calf bag and it is in a gorgeous wine/brown...lovely. I just recieved my ALI and it was new and got her for $172 which as I see is a GREAT deal. White ALI ending in 2 hours and is at $132 if anyone is interested???? I do not know if I can put link here??? Not my bag just one I was watching.
  6. I dont like to buy used. I would freak out if there was a piece of someone's hair or something like that in the bag when I got it. Im a germ-a-phobe though! A lot of people dont mind it and they end up getting good deals- i wish i could get over the fact that it grosses me out in some way!
  7. I cannot say that I've never purchased a used bag, but I prefer not to. The only time I consider it is when a new bag is out of my price range or if a bag is pristine. Of course, it really depends on who you buy it from, too. A lot of people here, for example, are just as obsessive about bags as I am while some random ebayers you never know.
  8. I am totally winning on that white ali lol
  9. OK,"candac3mari3....I am ssssoooo pulling for you on the white ALI.....stunning bag!!!
  10. oh geez, SO is going to have a heart attack if I win it......
  11. Aww shoot, I've got a snipe set for that one...I don't want to fight you for it Candace! :boxing:
  12. :yahoo:GO, CANDACE, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  13. If I can help it, I get the bag new. But if I am saving a colossal amount of $, and the bag is in good shape, I'm not entirely against buying used. Who is going to know anyway?
  14. Did you get it? My snipe was way too low, lol. :upsidedown:
  15. I prefer to get a bag new, but if it's something that I can't find in stores or the outlet I'll go the e-bay route provided it's in great condition.