New or preloved

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  1. Hi ladies.
    I have been longing for a classic caviar flap for ages now and have finally found one that looks perfect. It is preloved from 2009-2010 and is in mint condition. It is jet black and very puffy (hate dimples). The only thing is that compared to a brand new one I'll only save a little under $1000. Would you rather buy a new one or go with this pretty preloved bag.

    [​IMG] 1457215275339.jpg

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  2. I vote for preloved since the bag is in mint condition . Does this come with everything like box , dustbag , authenticity , etc. Why buy a new ones when you can save $1K? That's just my opinion . HTH.
  3. ^agree!
  4. Thanks dear ladies. It comes with dustbag, box and caRd

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  5. +1 ️
  6. Oh one question. Does caviar flaps get dimples over time like lamb? If so what is more likely to get dimply? A very puffy or a flatter quilting?

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  7. Preloved if mint condition. Does it have the card and dust bag? Looks so beautiful!!! I took my brand new one back the same day I got it last year and got a 2008 single flap jumbo! Go preloved if in mint condition! These bags are so puffy and delish! Here's mine! Soooo happy with my choice and haven't regretted it one second! Good luck with your choice❤️

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  8. Absolutely! If it is authentic and it is exactly what you are after, why not? You are saving money and the condition is pristine.
  9. Caviar can get dimples too after a while. The older caviar used to be softer than the new caviar. Smaller "grains".
    It also depends on if it's a jumbo or a m/l what leather they choose it seems. Look. Nothing stays forever young.
    I say go for the bag that makes your heart sing:smile:)
    Ps: caviar definitely doesn't get as much and as many as and as fast as lamb!:smile:
  10. Pre loved. I'm all about saving $
  11. pre-loved and saved the money for sure.
  12. Pre loved all the way. U may think you're only saving $1000 but if you factor in taxes and what not, a brand new one can cost you a few more extra $$$.
  13. if your saving $1,000, and it's it great condition, Pre love it is.
  14. Pre loved!!
  15. Another vote for preloved as long as you can make sure it's authentic. It's probably better quality AND you can save almost 1k! What's not to like? :smile: