new or old?

  1. would u choose to return a new bag for $ to get a used one?

    under what circumstances, and why?

    TIA! :idea:
  2. Well..if I was sure the bag was going to be produced for awhile and I was able to get a bag that was rare or discontinued, I'd return the new one for the used one.
    That's the only way..for example, if I returned a Suhali Le Fab because I'd be able to get my dream bag, the Red and Cream CB Papillion, I definitely would. I want both someday but I want the CB one first. The Suhalis are still around so I'm not in a rush for mine.
  3. All depends on which bag I prefer. If there's a sudden opportunity to get a bag I've wanted for ages (used) and I didn't have the $ for both, I'd try to get the $, and if I couldn't elsewhere, it's possible I would return a new bag. However I've never done that so far. It must be a good opportunity.
  4. I would rather used to be honest but not too used. I like the rare models.
  5. For limited edition, of course.

    For instance, I would not only return new bags but also pawn most everything I had to my name for a Gracie. :biggrin:
  6. i would return the bag and sell the contents of an ovary on the black market
  7. Depends on the bag. If i'm not sure about the bag i'll buy used so that if i have to sell it i'm not going to be out much and I find that you're able to get your $$ back faster on a used then new. I cant order off elux and would have to order from LV itself.

    Also i depends on what i'm using the bag for. I tend to baby my bags and not use them in wet weather so there for my bags are hardly used. I purchased my piano just for that purpose (used) and well loved. I enjoy carrying this bag and dont freak when it starts to rain or snow. When i got this bag the Popincourt haut wasnt out otherwise i would have bought new and not worried about weather since it has a cavas bottom.
    Also i think some bags look better used. Ie the monogram alma. :love: I would buy used over new any day. I have a MC alma that is in new condition and its almost 4 yrs old. I rarely use it.

    I just bought a Used petit noe and cant wait for it to arrive, Im not sure if i'm going to like the style but i got it cheap and if i dont like it i know i can get my money back. Second I bought it for bad weather use, Just something different from my piano.

    I'm looking to getting a used ellipse as well, if i can get one for a good dolllar. For me its more like if i can get 5 used bags for the prcie of 2 new i'm going for it. Unless of course its a tdf bag then i'll get new. IE the LeFab :love::love: or frange speedy :love:
  8. I turned in a new sports car for one that's almost 20 years old! I believe that you have to get the thing that you really want. If the older bag is going to make your heart sing then go for it!
  9. Well, I'd return a new bag to get $ for a used one only if the used one is LE, discontinued, impossible for me to get, and is in mint condition. I'm really picky, though. lol. :P