New opinions on a Mommy Bag

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  1. Hi tPFers...

    I just wanted to pick your brains and see which bag you prefer:

    Speedy B, Totally, Neverfull, or another LV

    I wanted to get a bag that could do double duty, basically a vamped up mommy bag. I did some pre-purchase research, and it was between a Totally and NF.

    I fell in love with the epi NF in noir and recently picked one up. However, I actually put it to some use yesterday and it just wasn't happening =( I am so sad because I love the bag, but it's just not working with me.

    This is my 2nd LV, I have a mono Speedy 30 and love that too. Recently, I've been going through some threads and read that a lot of mommies like using a Speedy B.

    So where am I going with this?? I just wanted to get some "fresh" opinions on a preferred "mommy bag" before I settle on something.

  2. I think the totally would be a great option or speedy B or DE evora..
  3. I vote Totally. The outside pockets on the ends of bag will come in really handy for holding quick grab things. Like keys, a bottle or sippy cup later, a pacifier, etc. The Speedy B would be great because of the crossbody style, but you don't get the outside pockets. And I think the Totally would hold way more.
  4. Totally ... :smile:
  5. Try westminster, like totally but carefree
  6. I personally use a NF MM azur for my day to day with my 15 month old and my sister in law does too (hers is the Stephen Sprouse roses), I guess we didn't want a diaper bag that looks like a diaper bag. I've used my MC speedy here and there as a diaper bag too and it's worked. It all depends on whether you want all the compartments or not~ I just like a large opening for my bag because I carry a rather large changing pad that is stiff and thick in padding. Either way, LV all the way! :smile:
  7. Totally - I think it looks like a glam diaper bag!
  8. Totally
  9. Totally
  10. Thanks all!!
  11. Totally is a good option.
  12. So i actually own the Totally, speedy b 30 and neverfull gm, and they all get used as a diaper bag. I bought the Totally first, but that did not really work for me, I then ordered a diaper bag from jujube and a be quick. And it changed everything. Once I got the be quick I used it to store wipes, diapers, baby cream and hand sanitizer, and then all of my bags suddenly worked as a diaper bag:smile: I just put in my be quick, jujube changing pad, some toys, zippy cup and food and be on my way! The speedy be works great, you can be hands free, I have the ebene, so no worry about vachetta, and if you buy the jujube stroller clips you can just hang the speedy on the stroller:smile: but if you want to carry change of clothes etc, then go with 35. I use the totally when the weather is nice, or if I feel like it, that too works great, and there are stroller clips that you can use for that one as well, but I don't remember their name. When I'm traveling or go visit family for a day etc, I use my trusty nf gm, she's the only one who workers for me with baby when I need to bring distractions and things for any scenario, but the 35 could possibly work for that as well! Bottom mind is you can use almost any bag, as long as you get a system which works for you:smile: hope this helps!
  13. I'd totally got for the Totally. SeewutIdidthurr? =D :heart:
  14. I was always a shoulder bag girl, but the birth of my DS has changed a lot for me: now I prefer crossbody bags!! For me everything is much more easier when I have my hands free. Therefore I bought a Speedy b 35 - I have used it every single day since his birth an love it to hell :biggrin:

    I also tried a "classic" diaper bag, but I realized that I don't need 10 compartments and extra pockets and so on....

    So you should try them on and buy what is comfy for you :biggrin:
  15. Agree that you should try them and see which feels best to you. Speedy b is great for cross body, neverfull is a wonderful tote and everything is easy to access but the totally has the security of the zipper! Haha so I can see why you're having a touch decision, 'cos I would be too! For me personally, I hate fiddling about with zips so would prefer something open like the neverfull