New Onatah Cuir !! I'm dying for this bag!!

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  1. I was in LV boutique in Saks today - saw the new mini line which goes on sale tomorrow - then I fell in :love: :love: :love: :love: Has anyone seen the ONATAH CUIR????? OMG, now I know what I will buy in Paris in 3 weeks - you would never know this hobo (size GM, color: chocolate) was LV - It sells for about $1650 - This is a bag that would end the need for a new bag for a very long time IMO - I just have to sell some stuff before I leave on my trip. The bag goes on sale tomorrow!!!!!!
  2. Lee already has one, lucky !!! :yes:

    It's lovely isn't it ?
  3. :drool: That sound awesome..can someone post a pic of it?!
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