New Onatah Colors?

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  1. Does anyone know what the new colors will be? And will it be suede again or a different material?
  2. suede again. dark brown and dark purple.
  3. thanks!!
  4. I heard black leather as well.
  5. That sounds delicious! Or are you just teasing us ;)
  6. Ooooh, dark purple might look so beautiful.
  7. I don't know, I have heard SO MANY stories of the color rubbing off on clothes, I think I'm going to skip the suede collection.
  8. I heard that too:amuse:
  9. that would be gorgeous! i'll def be putting that on my wanted list
  10. Oh dark purple? I might not be able to resist that!!!
  11. My SA Javier from Puerto Rico, showed me the confidential look book. There's no Onatah is suede but in cuir (leather). What I saw and liked a lot was the Onatah Cuir Hobo GM (19.5 x 13.3 x 2), it comes in two colors dark brown and Aubergine (purple). The estimated price is $1,570.00 andit comes out mid-september. Javier told me that is a limited collection, so I got in the list. It's absolutly gorgeous bag.
  12. I would :love: to own an Onatah in black AND brown leather! I love the suede version, but as everyone else said, would hate for it to rub or be ruined if I got caught in inclement weather.

    *heading to the LV website to see if I can sneak a peek*
  13. oooh... aubergine leather sounds really nice. i wonder if it's going to be in slouchy lambskin. although black leather will definitely be a hit, they'd probably rather avoid the Gucci comparison.
  14. Actually I did asked if it's comes in black, and my SA said no, only those two colors. I hope it's slouchy leather but by the photo it doesn't look like it, but then again it was a photo and a prototype.
  15. That's what my SA showed me also! They are both TDF :smile:
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