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  1. Hello

    I'm very new to the purse forum and am very much looking forward to the purchase of my first b-bag. If only I could decide on style and colour :biggrin: .

    I'm currently torn between First (maybe too small), City (maybe too large) and Twiggy. Also when it comes to colour I just can't decide. I like the bleuet colour a lot but ink looks very nice as well.

    What do you think can an ink bag be worn with black clothing? Which bag style is most suitable for everyday use? What exactly does fit into a First?

    I always carry the following stuff with me: wallet, cosmetic bag + handcream, small umbrella, mobile phone, sometimes sunglasses.

    I would really be grateful if you could answer my questions.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. Welocme! I would suggest the City size or twiggy with the info you have given regaurding your purse items. I think the first would be too small. It holds a small wallet, key, lipgloss,cell and maybe a notpad or so. Hope this could help. I personally own an ink City and LOVE it.
  3. I agree with ranskimmie, the First would not most likely not fit the items you normally carry around. I would suggest the City or Twiggy. As for color, I was very indecisive between ink and cornflower when I was getting my first bbag, but ended up with the ink in City. LOVE the color soooo much that I even ended up with a coin purse in ink :biggrin:. And I do wear it with everything, including black. Hope this helps, and good luck with your decision!
  4. Just thought I'd attach some pics of my Ink City so you can see the different color variations depeding on light.
    DSC03441.JPG DSC03447.JPG DSC03449.JPG DSC03450.JPG
  5. Dear Both,

    Many thanks :flowers:.

    It seems as if I can strike the First from my list.
  6. City or Twiggy! and Ink is a stunning color :biggrin: Welcome!!!!!
  7. welcome, im new here too :smile: im also in waiting to buy my first bbag i wanted the ink but opted to wait for the fall 06 collections :smile: there are a lot of fabulous thread here with lots of bbag pictures, thats why i do stare at them LOL
  8. Welcome! *hugs* :smile:

    I think you will love it here. Since M and V created this Balenciaga sub-forum, it's like a B-bag sanctuary!

    My vote - City
  9. Hey there and welcome!!! I agree with the other ladies in suggesting a city... I love mine and it's the perfect everyday size!!! Hope to see your b-bag soon!!! ;)
  10. The black city is a classic and will fulfill all your needs....just ask Gwyneth!
  11. ink is a great colour u can wear it with everything.....
    for size wise city or twiggy would be fine...
    here is my ink twiggy.. so u will know how it will look like on one..
  12. welcom to the PF!
    AND woo hoo another b-bag lover!!!
    i suggest... maybe either go for a CITY or a TWIGGY - these both have enough room to hold day to day stuff!
    AND as for the colour - go with what you love....