New oldie?

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  1. I bought a new bracelet today - it's called the Osiris...and is leather with a ghw toggle.

    I hadn't seen it before, but on doing a search...seems it is an old style? I love the color, but upon coming home, it seems a bit big for me :nogood:


    Does anyone else have this bracelet...and how does it fit with you...would love to see any pics of your Osiris too. TIA!
  2. Nice piece.
  3. This piece is interesting! I never seen this in any boutique. Congrats for the special piece! :smile:
  4. Thanks EMDOC and LoveHermes89! I got it from a boutique, but it seems to be an older model.
  5. Hermes is an older house. darling I don't think that with H the concept of older model applies as all of it's creations are traditionally old form archives or have been made for years it's very interesting cute and I think very unique !!!!! Enjoy in the best of health !
  6. It looks great...;)
  7. So special n nice color
    Never see this b4
  8. This is very pretty bracelet and looks good on you .......... congrats !!!!
  9. Thanks everyone!! Well, I actually found the bracelet a bit too big - it doesn't show in the pic - but it tends to swivel around a lot, so I went ahead and exchanged it at my store today for a orange clic clac with GHW. I have a soft spot for clic clacs lately.

    So this poor baby is back in store...waiting for its new owner to pick her out!